Tuesday, November 13, 2007

geez louise

Seems I just can't get a break here. I had a decent day at work... busy, but it makes the time go. Lori was in a fair mood and that always makes it better. Never can tell with her since she started menopause. Mood swings. We'll all be there some day so I deal, but that wasn't the case today, so it was good.

But then I came home. The boys were fighting, my mother was in a mood, and by the time I finished the dinner dishes I'd had it with everyone. Took Jaben to scouts and Kyan and I went to Big Lots to get Jabe a cheap notebook to replace the one he lost and look around till it was time to pick him up. Course by the time we get home it's 8:00 already so everyone ends up going to bed later than usual, and this time for some reason Jaben decided to read to Ky. Which would be fine, but then Ky didn't want to sleep by himself and has been crying on and off ever since. And Jaben - well, after successfully sabotoging Kyan's bedtime, decided to take a BATH at 9:30. A shower I can understand, it's quick and he needed it. But a BATH?? Yeah, just to drive me nuts, I'm sure.

So, while my intentions were to try to write a light, hopefully funny post (been digging the nablopomo site for ideas) it's just not going to happen tonight. Sorry. Bitchfest is all ya get.

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