Saturday, November 17, 2007

17 things

Since it's 17 days into NaBloPoMo, I thought I'd do 17 things. But what things?

Oh! I know -- 17 things I'm not very good at!! Here we go kids!

1. Cooking - inedible pancakes... just ask Jaben, poor kid knows all too well.

2. Athletics - too clumsy for it.

3. Cleaning.

4. Doing my nails. I either put it off too long and they break, or I end up with polish all over everything.

5. Keeping my eyebrows up. You'd think, with giant caterpillars for brows, I'd be better at that. But I'm not.

6. Trimming toenails. Mine or the boys, it doesn't always get done when it needs to.

7. Managing money. I've seen worse, but I've seen LOTS better. I'd probably give an accountant a heart attack.

8. Relationships. Y'know, like with boys? But you kind of figured that out already, didn't you?

9. Waiting. I am so very impatient!! I hate waiting in line, in traffic, for a cd to burn... ugh, I hate waiting!

10. Lying. I've always been a terrible liar. But I think that's a good thing.

11. Singing. I want to be, I can kind of carry a tune, but I can't really sing. And I always wanted to be able to do that.

12. Taking time for myself. Between work, keeping up the house, Jaben's activities and trying to do things for and with Kyan, I don't often get around to me. Which might explain 4, 5, & 6.

13. Making lists of things I'm not very good at. 17 might have been a bit ambitious.

14. Breaking bad habits. I quit biting my nails years ago, but other things haven't been quite so easy.

15. Picking out decent clothes. I usually like what I'm wearing, but I wouldn't want to ask anyone else what they think of it.

16. Walking in heels. The few times I've tried it (once in really huge ones for a wedding), I've looked like Frankenstein. Never again.

17. HTML. I know a few small tricks, but that's about it. I have no memory for it and I really wish I did.

So there you have it, 17 things I'm not very good at. Maybe I should do things I'm good at next time. Boost myself up a bit, y'know?

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