Monday, April 30, 2007

Sorry no posting

I need to post about Jaben's bridging ceremony to boy scouts and a lot of other things, and I will. But right now I need to figure out where I can make a little more money every week, under the table. Anyone have any ideas??? I'm not kidding. I can clean someone's house, or run errands, or whatever. Just so that the hours don't interfere with my "real" job and won't take me away from my kids much more. And definitely can't be taxable. I'm open for pretty much any suggestions at this point.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Yes, it really did take me 3 days to get around to the post. But oh we had such a good time! Our room was awesome! We had 2 bedrooms, one for my sister and her gf - that room had it's own bathroom with a jacuzzi tub! We never did get to use the jacuzzi tub - one night just isn't enough - but it was very cool just having it. The other room had 2 double beds for the boys and me.

Here is Jaben laying on one of the beds in our room...
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And a not-so-great shot of Kyan sitting at the table in our living/dining room...
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The first night we went swimming and rode the waterslides, of course! That was great! Kyan really loved the lazy river, and we all loved the hot tub. That one starts inside, but you can swim thru to go outside. That was really neat - I've never been in an outdoor hot tub before. Sad, I know, but it was very cool. Later, Jaben had his free waverider lesson. He did very well!

Here is his instructor showing off his skills before the lesson...
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This is Jaben, boogie boarding. He had a hard time getting up to his knees, never quite made it to his feet unassisted, so he worked on boogie boarding tricks...
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I wanted to upload the short, about 14 second video of Jaben on the wave rider, but it doesn't want to work for me today. So, if you want to see it, please clink Jaben on the wave rider

The next morning, while we were waiting (forever) for our overpriced breakfast, I took Kyan out of the restaurant to walk around since he's impatient, and we ran into a new friend. I ran back and grabbed Jaben and the camera. Kyan LOVED this guy so much we brought home a much smaller, stuffed version...
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After more time at the waterpark...
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and some video games for Jaben (sorry, I wasn't photographing such a common occurance!) we went to the indoor play area, where Kyan had a blast!
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Then it was back to the room to get outta there...
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and get one last shot of the boys near the front desk...
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We brought home a t-shirt for Jaben, a small ew-funt (elephant) for Kyan, and candy for each. Of course these pictures don't document everything, but how many pictures of my kids do you really want to see?

Oh! You want more?? Well.......................

Just kidding! I'll save other pics of my oh-too-cute kids for another post. If you ever get a chance to get to Kalahari Resort, we all highly recommend it. However, if you can afford more than one night, we also recommend you do 2. There's just not enough time to do and see everything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The phone call

Just got a phone call from Jaben.

“Mom! Guess what I just saw!”

“What’d you see?”

“In the alley off ** street? There were a bunch of kids sitting on their bikes, and all of a sudden 2 of them started fighting!”

“Did you see how stupid they looked?” (who doesn’t look stupid fighting?)

“They didn’t look stupid to me, they looked like they were hurting each other. Anyway someone’s mom broke it up.”

“You stayed away, didn’t you?” (oh do not get involved in other people’s fights!)

“Yeah. I just kept walking…”

Well, at least he knows enough to realize fighting is a bad thing. If they didn’t look stupid to him, at least he thought it looked painful.

I can work with that.


I’m leaving work at 1:30 tomorrow to get home and get the car loaded. We’re heading out to Kalahari at 3:30/3:45 for the night! I’m going to tryyyyyy to remember to take pics (and NO, none of them will be of ME, especially in a bathing suit!)


I’m a terrible blogger. I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to keep doing it. We’ll see. Infrequent updates about nothing going on aren’t much fun, are they? Sorry ‘bout that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cake Boy

Last night, Bama (AKA Grandma) needed to make a cake for a birthday at work (coincidentally, today is her birthday as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!). As she was gathering pans and ingredients to begin mixing, Cake Boy (AKA Kyan) noticed what Bama was doing and got very excited. “Bama makin’ cake! Cake, cake, cake!”

Now usually this is very cute, how excited he gets about cake. But not so much when you know he doesn’t know that it’s not for him and he probably won’t get any.

So, Bama went about the mixing, the boys got to lick bowls and beaters and the cake went into the oven. It smelled wonderful, and Cake Boy couldn’t help but say, “Bama cookin’ cake,” every now and again.

Eventually, as cakes do, it was done and cooled and ready to come out of the pan. And there was Cake Boy, fork in hand (seriously), waiting to have some cake. There is no face more sad than the face of Cake Boy when he’s told he’s not going to get any…

“Oh… buddy I’m sorry. The cake is for Grandma to take to work.”

Cake Boy frowned, walked slowly over to the silverware drawer and put his fork back. He looked so very sad as he dropped the fork into its place. It’s just cake, but if I could just show you his little face, you’d understand….

…just why Bama brought a cake to work today that had one little piece missing.

But Cake Boy went to bed happy, and full of cake and milk.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wait, what was the title again?

I tried to post something earlier in the week but couldn't get my pictures to work. See, I only think of good things to post about when I'm just about to fall asleep at night. Not a good time to hop up, get online, and amaze you all with my brilliance. So instead, I'm posting pictures of my cute kids. I think it's a fair trade off, don't you?

Boys in a hamper
This one is from around Christmas 06, thus the tree in the background.

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Jaben-Bob Marley pants
One of those shots from A Christmas Carol I never posted. At least I think I didn't.

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Kyan's big face
I love this one! Check the dimples on my little guy... gotta love 'em!

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Giant Equicizer picture
This is one my aunt took of Jaben sitting on an Equicizer for their ad in the next play program. I didn't want to crop it and apparently didn't bring the size down enough, thus... Giant Equicizer picture.

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Cake is yummy!
Those who know Kyan know that cake is his favorite. He loves any and all cake and would eat it any time of the day or night. He sometimes even just asks for cake for no reason, would eat pancakes every day if he could... he just loves cake. Also not brought down far enough, sorry.

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Next time, a real post. I promise. Until then you've got these 2 very cute kids to look at so it's no problem whatsoever, right?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ah... the toilet

We really need to get this potty training thing going full force.

I bought cute new flip flops for summer today. 30 minutes later they were swimming in the toilet.

Thank God I bought him some boxer-briefs. He will start wearing them soon and learn what the potty is really for.

Oh my poor shoes!


Sorry, updated to add... I am SO GLAD I don't have girls! And I'm embarassed that my company does some printing/design for American Girl. Shame on them!