Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yay blogger!

I just finished writing the MOST BORING BLOG POST IN EXISTANCE, hit publish, had a blogger error, and am no longer the proud author of the MOST BORING BLOG POST IN EXISTANCE.


Except I just typed bamn, and had to fix it. Wouldn't want to rip off Emeril.


I am not going to be able to re-create the MOST BORING BLOG POST IN EXISTANCE (however I'm afraid this one is a very close second) so I guess I'll stop now.

Someone better do something amusing around here soon. I really need something interesting to write about!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Kyan has eczema. He's always had eczema. He was born with eczema. He never, ever had that beautiful, soft, can't-stop-touching-it baby skin. He's always, always, always had eczema. And so I've learned how to care for it and make it better. Not cured, but better.

I highly recommend Huggies shea butter baby wash, coupled with Huggies shea butter lotion. Sensitive skin, fragrance free type, of course. Works wonders.

Except lately. For the past 2 weeks he's had a nasty outbreak on his bottom. I've tried everything - and I mean everything (mom told me to try Crisco on it and I DID!) and nothing works. It's gotten better... he can sit on it now. But it's not clearing up.

So, off to the doctor we went. We couldn't see our regular doctor, but got in quite easily with his wife (who is a total sweetheart! and you've got to love a practice that is truly a "family" practice!) who was so, so helpful. Kyan was more than happy to show off his hiney (what 3-yr old boy isn't?) and even shook it around for her. And now? Prescription cream (I believe she said steroid??) at bedtime every night, Benedryl at bedtime every night (wait, permission to drug my child to sleep??), and a special kind of soap.

Oh, and my favorite. No baths.


No baths for a 3-yr old in the spring.

Okay okay, not really "no" baths, but much fewer. Which does not bode well with a kid who only gets one every second or third night as it is. But, water is a no-no for a kid with eczema (especially as bad as his bottom is at the moment) so we shall forgo (most) baths for the time being.

I must resort to wash cloth sponge baths for now. Fun. If you have a little boy, I'm sure you're familiar with that lucious little boy smell of dirt and sweat. It's lovely, one of my favorite smells, actually. But imagine that smell on limited baths.

For possibly weeks.

In the spring.


I wonder if it'd be bad to Febreeze my 3-yr old?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day, y’all!

It’s Earth Day today!

I love Earth Day! I love hearing about all the great ideas people have for recycling, conserving, and making the earth a better, cleaner place. A lot of people have grand ideas and spend a lot of time on this, but there are a lot of things you can do simply, easily, and even for free!

Turn out the lights!! If you don’t need it, turn it off!

Same goes for the tv.

Wash your clothes in cold. Yes, they really do get just as clean.

Use “green” products where you can. Sometimes they cost more, sometimes they don’t. Vinegar and water is a great cleaner, and I promise the smell doesn’t linger.

Recycle. Cans, bottles, newspapers, cardboard, milk cartons – all can be recycled!! My city even provides free containers for paper products. All you have to do is call and request one and they will drop it off! It goes out with your regular trash – no excuse not to! Teach your kids the difference between trash and recycling early. It will never be an issue if things have always been done this way, and they are more likely to do it themselves when they get older.

Cloth grocery bags. Available almost anywhere, bigger and stronger than paper or plastic, and can be used forever. They’re awe-some, I promise!

Don’t buy plastic water bottles!!!!! Get yourself a nice bottle you can re-use, and fill it up! If you don’t like your tap water, get a water cooler, or jugs of spring water – reuse those milk jugs!! There are so many ways around plastic water bottles.

For the hardcore… electric tools.

We have an electric lawnmower. It runs on batteries, and honestly is the easiest to start, best running lawnmower we’ve EVER had. I highly recommend it! Below is a shot of the one we have:


You can also get tools that run on a cord. My leaf blower and weed eater are electric, but I do need a power cord for them. No big, I have 2 long super cords and an outlet in my garage. So very easy!

If you’re in the market for any of these products, I highly recommend electric! Think of the money you’ll save on gas!

My last suggestion/idea is a hybrid or alow emissions vehicle. That’s one big bonus with my new car – it is a certified low emissions vehicle (LEV). I love that! It uses very little gas and doesn’t put as much “bad stuff” back out. This is a BIG purchase, but still, if you’re in the market it’s definitely something you should consider.

Hopefully we’re all already doing what we can for our planet, but if I’ve mentioned anything here you hadn’t thought of or would like more information on, please leave a comment and I will help in any way I can.

Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My son… the exhibitionist

So Kyan’s new thing is peeing outside. I know that’s normal for little boys (and some little girls too) but yesterday he took it to new heights . Or lows, depending on your viewpoint.

We were on the big back porch getting ready to go into the house when Ky said he had to pee. So of course I told him to go in and use the potty. But oh no, not my boy! He gave me his sweet little devil smile and said, “No mommy, I pee here.”

Here, being outside.

Since I’m not one to argue with a newly potty-trained 3 yr old, I said fine, just don’t do it on the porch.

So he didn’t. We haven’t been able to fix up the porch yet, so he went over to a broken-out window, and proceeded to whip it out and pee on the driveway thru the open window!

Which would’ve been fine (I know, a little too mellow, perhaps?), except mid-stream two little girls rode by on their scooters, and Kyan waved at them and said brightly, “Hi!”

Um, yeah. No more peeing outside.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sick to death of the bullies

Jaben called me from skating last night, asking if he could walk home. His grandma was supposed to pick him up so I told him to get ahold of her. He didn’t sound right so I asked him what happened, and he said nothing. But by the time I got home that nothing had turned into a giant purple bruise on his chin.

Some little brat had tripped him. Again.

One kid has already been banned from skating for messing with Jabe, and now he’s got a new bully to deal with? What the hell?!?

Is it because he doesn’t stand up for himself? I know that’s part of it. One well aimed, well timed punch and I think that’d be it. Or it would at least help.

Or is it because he’s creative, artistic, slightly different from the other kids? In a LOT of ways he’s a typical 11-yr old kid. But in some ways, the best ways, he’s his own person. Is that threatening? I know it’s not good for peer-relations to be different at this age, but he should not have to deal with this crap for being who he is.

And what about the parents of these kids? I know some parents who allow, and even encourage this kind of behavior. “Be the bully, not the victim. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want. ..” Blah blah blah. Grow the hell up and teach your kids to be decent human beings. There are also the parents who are completely clueless as to who their kids are. Or worse, are in denial. Pay attention to who they are and what they do – NOT what you would like to think they are. I am fully aware that my son (and I’m sure at times Kyan will follow suit) can be a jerk at times. It is my job to correct that, when it happens. If you’re not, if you allow it to continue, you are not doing your job, and are, due to your negligence and poor parenting, responsible for the kids your child is tormenting.

I asked him last night if he liked himself. Or rather, if he loved himself. I told him I’d read somewhere that the best way to be happy is to first love yourself. He thought about it for a minute, then smiled and said yes, he does love himself and he likes who he is. And I guess that’s what’s most important. They can leave bruises on the outside, but on the inside he’s hanging in just fine. Thank God.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Dayam I'm tired.

I think I stayed up too late Sunday night watching Return of the King. But can you blame me? Orlando Bloom. 'Nuff said.

Then yesterday Kyan's daycare provider needed the day off, so I hung with him all day. We came to work for 2 hrs (trust me, that was long enough), and spent some time outside. Then we took Jaben to guitar lessons, then spent MORE time outside.

He ended the day filthy and I ended it exhausted.

I'm glad we had so much time outside tho. It's already cooler today and is supposed to start raining tonight and not end until... Well, they haven't actually SAID when.

This is Ohio... the snow melts and the rains come. We give raincoats for Easter. April showers doesn't begin to describe the torrential downpours that are sure to come.

But I'm okay with that. As long as we're done with the snow? I can deal with the rain.

Today, it's chilly but pretty... I think I'll take Ky to the park while Jabe is at scouts. We'll be chilled, but he'll be happy. Might as well get out there while we can!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I'm like, 15 again!

All five original New Kids on the Block members – Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight – will appear together in the Today Show's courtyard on April 4!!!


Now excuse me while I drool a little bit...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gotta love that Fit!

I am LOVING my new little car!! Nothing to report yet on the promised amazing gas mileage, but the car itself rocks! The color is more copper than orange, but I’m calling it orange. We LOVE it! Jabe and I had a ball driving it home last night.

Kyan… well, not so much. I asked him on the way home what he thought of Mommy’s new car…

“I don’t like it.”

Me: Why don’t you like it?? I LOVE it.

Ky: It’s different.

Apparently Kyan’s not a big fan of different. Still this morning, putting him in the wonderfully new-smelling car to head out for the day he wanted to know why we were driving **this** car. He said we needed Mommy’s big white car. Well, it was silver, but whatever. I guess we’ve found out Kyan doesn’t like change.

He’d better get used to the Fit tho. He’s going to be learning to drive in this car!!

Hopefully will be able to post pics soon.