Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Dayam I'm tired.

I think I stayed up too late Sunday night watching Return of the King. But can you blame me? Orlando Bloom. 'Nuff said.

Then yesterday Kyan's daycare provider needed the day off, so I hung with him all day. We came to work for 2 hrs (trust me, that was long enough), and spent some time outside. Then we took Jaben to guitar lessons, then spent MORE time outside.

He ended the day filthy and I ended it exhausted.

I'm glad we had so much time outside tho. It's already cooler today and is supposed to start raining tonight and not end until... Well, they haven't actually SAID when.

This is Ohio... the snow melts and the rains come. We give raincoats for Easter. April showers doesn't begin to describe the torrential downpours that are sure to come.

But I'm okay with that. As long as we're done with the snow? I can deal with the rain.

Today, it's chilly but pretty... I think I'll take Ky to the park while Jabe is at scouts. We'll be chilled, but he'll be happy. Might as well get out there while we can!

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