Thursday, April 17, 2008

My son… the exhibitionist

So Kyan’s new thing is peeing outside. I know that’s normal for little boys (and some little girls too) but yesterday he took it to new heights . Or lows, depending on your viewpoint.

We were on the big back porch getting ready to go into the house when Ky said he had to pee. So of course I told him to go in and use the potty. But oh no, not my boy! He gave me his sweet little devil smile and said, “No mommy, I pee here.”

Here, being outside.

Since I’m not one to argue with a newly potty-trained 3 yr old, I said fine, just don’t do it on the porch.

So he didn’t. We haven’t been able to fix up the porch yet, so he went over to a broken-out window, and proceeded to whip it out and pee on the driveway thru the open window!

Which would’ve been fine (I know, a little too mellow, perhaps?), except mid-stream two little girls rode by on their scooters, and Kyan waved at them and said brightly, “Hi!”

Um, yeah. No more peeing outside.


The Queen said...

That makes me giggle to no end. I can totally see my son doing the same thing. :)

Kristen G. said...

How cute! Better he gets it out of his system at 3 than at 30!