Friday, April 25, 2008


Kyan has eczema. He's always had eczema. He was born with eczema. He never, ever had that beautiful, soft, can't-stop-touching-it baby skin. He's always, always, always had eczema. And so I've learned how to care for it and make it better. Not cured, but better.

I highly recommend Huggies shea butter baby wash, coupled with Huggies shea butter lotion. Sensitive skin, fragrance free type, of course. Works wonders.

Except lately. For the past 2 weeks he's had a nasty outbreak on his bottom. I've tried everything - and I mean everything (mom told me to try Crisco on it and I DID!) and nothing works. It's gotten better... he can sit on it now. But it's not clearing up.

So, off to the doctor we went. We couldn't see our regular doctor, but got in quite easily with his wife (who is a total sweetheart! and you've got to love a practice that is truly a "family" practice!) who was so, so helpful. Kyan was more than happy to show off his hiney (what 3-yr old boy isn't?) and even shook it around for her. And now? Prescription cream (I believe she said steroid??) at bedtime every night, Benedryl at bedtime every night (wait, permission to drug my child to sleep??), and a special kind of soap.

Oh, and my favorite. No baths.


No baths for a 3-yr old in the spring.

Okay okay, not really "no" baths, but much fewer. Which does not bode well with a kid who only gets one every second or third night as it is. But, water is a no-no for a kid with eczema (especially as bad as his bottom is at the moment) so we shall forgo (most) baths for the time being.

I must resort to wash cloth sponge baths for now. Fun. If you have a little boy, I'm sure you're familiar with that lucious little boy smell of dirt and sweat. It's lovely, one of my favorite smells, actually. But imagine that smell on limited baths.

For possibly weeks.

In the spring.


I wonder if it'd be bad to Febreeze my 3-yr old?

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Jen said...

I'm guessing Febreeze would only make the breakout worse. :)

Poor baby...Nathaniel has a smaller amount of eczema on his legs, but it's gotten better lately.

I know it sucks.