Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cake Boy

Last night, Bama (AKA Grandma) needed to make a cake for a birthday at work (coincidentally, today is her birthday as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!). As she was gathering pans and ingredients to begin mixing, Cake Boy (AKA Kyan) noticed what Bama was doing and got very excited. “Bama makin’ cake! Cake, cake, cake!”

Now usually this is very cute, how excited he gets about cake. But not so much when you know he doesn’t know that it’s not for him and he probably won’t get any.

So, Bama went about the mixing, the boys got to lick bowls and beaters and the cake went into the oven. It smelled wonderful, and Cake Boy couldn’t help but say, “Bama cookin’ cake,” every now and again.

Eventually, as cakes do, it was done and cooled and ready to come out of the pan. And there was Cake Boy, fork in hand (seriously), waiting to have some cake. There is no face more sad than the face of Cake Boy when he’s told he’s not going to get any…

“Oh… buddy I’m sorry. The cake is for Grandma to take to work.”

Cake Boy frowned, walked slowly over to the silverware drawer and put his fork back. He looked so very sad as he dropped the fork into its place. It’s just cake, but if I could just show you his little face, you’d understand….

…just why Bama brought a cake to work today that had one little piece missing.

But Cake Boy went to bed happy, and full of cake and milk.

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