Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinks I've been thinking

I come up with all kinds of interesting things to blog about in strange places. Like, the shower, on the potty, driving in my car... you get the idea. So I was thinking it'd be cool if I could somehow log in, like with some kind of voice activated device, kind of like one of those goofy looking Bluetooth things, and just blog it before I forgot it.

I initially thought of some kind of embedded chip, but that brings up all kinds of issues I don't want to deal with. So yeah, I want a bloggy bluetooth. It probably exists, and even if it did, I'm sure I can't afford it.

Also, I want to be able to better organize the shows on my DVR. Why aren't there folders? It'd be so convenient to have a folder for each member of the family, so that everyone's shows would be separated and I wouldn't have to scroll thru 14 Spongebobs, 6 half-watched video game shows, 5 Einsteins, 6 Blue's Clues, and a couple of pre-teen movies and To Catch a Thief's to get to the ONE thing I've recorded this week. Please, DVR people... folders.

Lastly? Procrastination is bad. Need to dry hair, need to wash leaked on sheets (no, not by me! We have a leaky pull up to thank for that), go thru Jaben's camping stuff, and maybe, just maybe wash a dish.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

Procrasination.....oh don't get me started. I can find any reason to put something off...but I am really trying to get better. I was going to work on in today, but I figured tomorrow would be better :)

Laura said...

We have DVR'd movies from 3 years ago that I am too lazy to transfer to disc. It's just too hard to push those buttons, you know?

Stacy said...

I love the redesign Rebecca! It's bright and cheery!

palmtreefanatic said...

great layout! YOU are THE designer!
I love DVR and yes I agree! My kids are always taping and never watching them! I get annoyed and finally delete them and OF course thats just when they Were going to watch them, go figure!

Jen said...

I can totally relate. Between the Star Trek crap and 47 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, I can't find my General Hospital episodes without a flashlight. :)