Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I voted - did you?

Whether your primary is today (ours is!), or has already happened, I hope you voted! I would love it if you voted for the same candidate as me, but it's not a requirement. Just VOTE for someone!!



Tonight is the Boy Scout red and green banquet. We made cookies and actually didn't burn most of them! Major improvement over last week, let me assure you.

Kyan doesn’t want to go tho. I mean, I’m sure he will. His not going would mean me leaving the house without him – and we know that’s not going to happen. I can’t imagine he would want to go… it’s not about him, he has to eat food he’s not familiar with, made by people he doesn’t know, sit still and not play…. Just not the place an active 3 yr old wants to be. But I’m betting he won’t stick to his idea of “stay home with bama (grandma).”

Speaking of Kyan, cute little story I posted on my message board I thought I’d share here.

Yesterday morning Kyan had on these drawstring sweats that had pockets. He put his hands into the pockets and was walking around that way (loves his pockets, that one) and I commented that he looked like a little old man when he did that. Ky gives me that cute little mischievous grin, hunches his shoulders, shoves his hands further into his pockets and uses them to hike his pants up as high as they'd go, bent his knees and waddled in an "old guy" walk across the living room. Cracked. Me. Up!


Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

yea we haven't had the primaries here yet...you know Alaska. Our votes REALLY don't usually count. They usually have the president alreayd known before our people have even stopped voting. Yea...sad huh? I still love to vote though :)

Laura said...

Little boys are so funny. We are part of the not counted votes because our primary (MI) was moved up. Sen. Clinton won by default but noncommitted almost had her.