Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You've been served!

SO…. Last night after dinner, my mother and I were talking at the table when there was a pounding at the door. I run to open it (both boys at my heels) and there’s a police officer standing there. He says, “Rebecca ****?”

“Um… yes?”

He hands me a paper and says, “You’ve been served.”

*choke *

So yeah, I was served a subpoena last night to be in court THIS THURSDAY at 8:30am, I think a good hour from home, to be a witness for the prosecution against a guy I have no idea who he is. I FINALLY got ahold of the prosecutor and he said it was in reference to the “skirmish” at Jaben’s football game back in October. He said he wasn’t surprised I didn’t know who the guy was or what it was about, BUT he’d seen my name on the police report and knew I’d talked to the police, so he called me in.

This is incredibly inconvenient, especially for something that really isn’t any of my concern. Once the coach involved apologized to my child, I let it go. It’s not worth a day off work to me, and it’s not worth the inconvenience or messing up my schedule. There is a chance, according to the prosecutor, that it will be resolved at the pretrial this afternoon (let’s hope!) and he’ll call me and let me know. I gave him both numbers and I guess I just hope for the best. I seriously doubt I can be of any help anyway.

Besides that, if I have to go I’ll have to leave too early to get Jaben off to school and Kyan to the babysitters, so my mom had offered to take the morning off work and get them going for me. Which is amazing of her. Except school got called off again today due to the cold and my aunt, who was going to take Jaben for the day again called to say she has the virus that’s going around and couldn’t take him so mom took 1/2 day off work today to stay with Jaben. (Geez, run-on sentence much?) This is after taking 1/2 a day this past Friday to stay home with a sick Kyan.

My poor mom. I don’t know what we’d do without her. She’s going to be a candidate for sainthood after this, I swear.

But anyway, I guess we’ll see at some point later today if I’m going to court on Thursday. I will admit (grudgingly) that it was kind of cool being served. It was just like on tv… and c’mon, that IS kinda cool!

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palmtreefanatic said...

kinda scary too! let me know what happens