Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love chain

Anyone have any prayers, good karma, or healing vibes to spare? They are in great demand today, if you do. My little guy is still sick. Today was day 7 of this virus he can't seem to kick and I'm getting pretty worried. He hasn't kept any food in him, really, in a week. He's seen the doctor, I called again today and I get the same answer... keep him hydrated with water and gatorade but it's a virus and it'll pass. But see, it's not passing. It's been 24-48 hrs with most everyone else and Kyan is heading into day 8. He's already gone seven days so far with basically no nutrition. He's lost 2 lbs that I know of. Doesn't sound like much except he's only just turned 2 and he was underweight to begin with. Nothing stays down, or in and I'm out of ideas. He thew up jello, rice, chicken broth, toast... you name it, we've tried it. He's crying for milk - his little body is craving it. I just don't know what to do for him anymore. If you've got ideas, please comment, we could use all the ideas we could get.

The other, more serious, can be read about here: my year of new things: Urp. Erik, I hope you don't mind, but I figured if I could put more prayers and more good thoughts out into the universe then I should do that. Just please, add Uma to your prayers and thoughts so that she is able to make her recovery and get back to her life and those she loves.

Thanks guys.

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Ray-Ray said...

once when i was little, i was really sick for two weeks and no one knew why. I think it's b/c the first week was the fever and the second week was the recovery from not getting any nutritien the first week --

poor little kiddo. maybe he just needs a bit more time to get stuff into his stomach again...