Monday, February 05, 2007


Oh it’s cold!! It’s so very, very cold! School for today was called off last night because of crappy temps. It was –20something when I left for work this morning. That’s COLD. Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better. High of 7 today, maybe 10 tomorrow?

8° F
Precip: 20%
Sunshine and clouds mixed. Very cold. Wind chills may approach -20F. High 8F. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph.

11° F
Precip: 20%
Partly to mostly cloudy. Very cold. Wind chills approaching -15F. High 11F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

Yeah, that’s ridiculous. Someone from somewhere warm please send some heat our way. I am so ready for spring – and oh yeah, bring on SUMMER!!!

Quick update on Kyan… he’s doing tons better now! He did have some diarrhea Saturday, but he was eating and drinking okay. Yesterday (Sunday) he finally had a solid one! I know, gross, but it was a big deal, trust me. So I think he’s okay now. It was touchy for a while since he’s so little and they get dehydrated so easily when they’re that sick. But thank God, he’s doing okay now.

For me, I need book suggestions!!! I’ve been reading humorous, light “chick lit” lately and I need more ideas! I just haven’t been in the mood to read anything heavy or depressing, or anything I have to think about. I need ideas for good, light, funny books. I’ve read all the Shopaholic books as well as the Devil Wears Prada, but that’s the type of book I’m looking for. Any suggestions for books along those lines would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Have a great week!


Ray-Ray said...

it's HOT here in Senegal!!! haha. But in a couple of months, it will have warmed up enough for you guys and be ROASTING over here... so, I'll laugh while I can!!!

:o) glad Kyan's doing better

Mike said...

For me, it's funny to see all the school cancellations because of the cold. Give me a break! What are we really saying to our kids? I understand that there are some circumstances to consider, but overall it sends a bad message. What if it rains "too hard" or many it's "just too hot"...or even, wow there are "too many leaves on the ground"!


Enjoy your hot coco with marshmallows.