Friday, February 23, 2007

Where'd she go?

I know, I was doing so well on the posting thing and then all of a sudden... nothin'. In my defense, things have been busy at work and I haven't been feeling well. Stress-related, I'm sure. And just when I think I've got it all worked out something else hits, but I'm not going to think about that right now.

I've been reading on some other blogs that other people have been feeling a bit down, overwhelmed, in-a-rut and all that stuff too. I'm thinking now that it's the time of year. We're all so over winter and the cold and gray, it's time for sunshine and warm temps and not having to struggle the little guys into layer upon layer before leaving the house. If, in fact, we leave at all. Anyone who knows me knows I'm always cold anyway, so it's no surprise that high summer is my favorite time of year. Give me a 90 degree day and I'm a happy girl!

It's time to think spring! No - better - think SUMMER!

• Swimming
• bike riding
• trips to the park
• Cedar Point!!
• going to the zoo
• hanging out in the backyard
• sitting on the front porch, watching traffic
• driving with windows down, radio up
• finding shapes in white, fluffy clouds
• getting some color on my butt-white legs
• just getting outside in any way at all!

All of that sounds soooo good! If I've missed anything, please comment and let me know!


Ray-Ray said...

hahaha. i'm like you. i woke up this morning freeeeeeezing cold! and i'm in West Africa! where the highs, even this early in the year, reach the 90s!!! but, it was, like, 60 or something this morning and i was shivering. i'm always cold, too.

i guess you probably don't have much sympathy for me at the moment. :o)

Rebecca said...

Um, no, not much sympathy. We're supposed to have more foul weather tonight, too. 60 or something sounds pretty darn good right about now!

But it is hard not to have sympathy for another "cold person," so enjoy those warm afternoon temps - and send some of that our way, would ya?