Monday, October 09, 2006

You think it only happens somewhere else....

I'm going to copy/paste this from elsewhere on the internet because it's just too tiring to re-type. This is just insane and I can't believe I witnessed it with my own eyes...

There we were, after the game - Jaben played more in this game than he had all season and I was so proud of him! The coach's wife had ordered pizza for the boys so we're all over at this park while the boys ate. Suddenly, this woman is screaming in the coach's face! I mean like, the f-word and all! Next thing I know, there's other parents getting involved, the coach's wife - like 5-6 people in this shouting-shoving match! F-word this and F-word that - IN FRONT OF THE BOYS!! I have never seen anything like this in my life - not at a kid's football game! I saw the COACH put his hands around a father's throat!! I mean seriously. You hear about this stuff and see it on tv, but you NEVER expect to see it happen right there in front of you at your kid's game.

Luckily, as soon as it started, Jabe took off for the car (my smart boy) and I did see other parents herding kids to their cars and telling them to roll the windows up, but there were boys just standing there watching! I'm like oh no you're not! I walked over to a group of them and told them to walk away - they do NOT need to see this. OMG you guys, just OMG. This is my kid's coach. I rely on coaches etc to be good role models for my boys since they don't have that in their daily lives - this is BEYOND unacceptable!!!

All the way home we were going "OMG! OMG! OMG!" and of course had to talk to Jaben about it. I can't respect this guy, how do I ask him to? What I told him was that he should not respect that behavior (he said he knew that) but he DID have to respect that man's position as his coach. IF he's still the coach. I would prefer he was relieved of his position, personally. You don't DO that in front of kids!!!!!

So when I got home I called the "head" coach - the guy who runs the league. (Un)Fortunately for me, I was the lucky first parent to call. All he'd heard was from one of the parent's involved, calling him from the police station (yay) to say there was an emergency and he didn't know what it was. So I told him what happened and everything I just said here. I also told him I think someone needs to separate his team from the other boys on Tues and talk to them about it - this cannot be swept under the rug. And he assured me that he would talk to the boys personally. I don't know if the coach will still be coach. He (understandably) told me he had to hear everyone's sides, but I can't see a single scenario where this wouldn't be addressed with these kids, or where this guy will still be coaching. I just can't get over it!! You hear about it but you NEVER think you'll see it at your own kid's game... ever! Completely unbelievable!!!

Okay - then after I wrote that...

OMG! I just got off the phone with the police dept of the city this happened in! The head coach gave them my name and wanted a statement!!! This is INSANE! I only called the head coach to make sure this was taken care of and now the officer is putting my name in the police report! This is just nuts. Nuts. Insane!!

What did I say about not liking this whole football thing? I can't believe any of this... just cannot believe it. And I don't know what's going to happen at practice on Tuesday, but I'm thinking of asking my sister to try to go with him so I know what goes on. Very strange, very surreal, never thought it'd happen here.

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