Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Updates updates everywhere!

First – regarding the football incident. My sister went to practice with Jabe last night to see how things were handled and she said they did a great job – they actually impressed her. The head of the league separated Jaben’s team from the other boys and talked to them about how that kind of behavior is not acceptable, they don’t approve, etc – the coach and the parents involved all got suspended! Granted the season is almost over, but still. The coach involved apologized to the boys too! I wanted that, but didn’t expect it so it’s great that he did that. One of the boys whose parents (turns out it was his GRANDPARENTS) were involved had to quit the team – his parents didn’t want anything further to do with it. I feel 2 ways about that… on one hand, I don’t blame them, it wasn’t even me and I was very upset and still cannot respect the coach, apology or no. On the other hand… the boy doesn’t get to play. The adults in his life can’t behave decently so he has to pay for it? That stinks. That really stinks.

So. There’s that.

I should've posted this yesterday, but didn't get a chance - too much going on. I heard from Jaben’s doctor Monday and he thinks Jabe definitely has ADD! I know, weird cause for celebration, but I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere – like okay, now we can do something to make things easier for him. We have another appt with the doc on the 27th and will discuss strategy then, and the possibility of medication. I’m not sure about the medication… not that I’m personally so much opposed, but neither of us need to be hearing about how bad it is and how it’s a cop-out and what it does to kids, etc etc etc. I don’t need to hear that and I don’t want to. If he goes on meds it’ll be a low dose anyway – and I trust our Dr. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t still see him. Gee, I’m not defensive or anything, am I? ;-)

So anyway, they said to call the school and get the ball rolling to set up testing for him thru them. I did that Tuesday morning – talked to the counselor (who happens to be a friend of the Dr! bonus!) and he said he’d start things moving as soon as we hung up the phone. So yay! As far as I’m concerned, the sooner we can get this done, the better. Whatever will help my boy.

And so now have a letter from the doctor formally requesting testing for Jaben from the school! I didn’t have that when I talked to the counselor yesterday, so I emailed him today to let him know and that I can make sure he gets a copy if he would like. I think he should have one – we’ll see when I hear back. I don’t know what’s going to go on with testing, etc, but we’ll find out as we go along. I ventured over to an ADD/ADHD message board and got some good responses from people whose kids have used meds. Most were positive, even tho pretty much all of them needed a lot of adjustments before they found the right thing. I’m sure it’s like that with a lot of meds tho. I know meds are what Jaben wants… I think he figures he can take a pill and be able to concentrate just like everyone else. I’m not sure it’s so simple, but I’m willing to look at our options. I still think some kind of therapy would be useful even tho I keep hearing it does little for inattentive-type ADD. It can’t hurt to at least look into it. He has been informed, involved and had a say in every step of this process, and will continue to have a say since this is his mind and his life we’re talking about. He’s a very, very bright boy (even as his biased mom I know this to be true) and out of respect for that, and how hard he’s been trying, I owe it to him to let him have a say in how he’s treated. That’s not to say he’ll have the final say, but we’ll talk about it and decide together.

So. There’s that.

Oh and one little thing that’s not really an update but has me sitting in shock today… one of my favorite customers (one of our biggest accounts!!) came by today to tell us he’s been fired!! He’s been with them for 15 yrs and he’s really made it what it is. We’re not sure right now if we’ll be able to hang onto the account… we’ll see. I just can’t believe they fired him – and if we lose this account because of that we might be in big trouble. So yikes!!

Think good thoughts on that one. I think we’ll probably keep the account… but you never know. Whether we do or not, we’re going to miss our friend.

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Kimberly said...

Yikes! The football saga scares me.

Yay for diagnosis. And it is NOT a cop-out to take medication for a disorder. Not even a little bit. If your brian isn't wired quite right, you take a little pill *and* work a little creatively to help with that. It's no big deal. Except for the kid who finally gets to function to the best of his ability. To him, it's a huge deal.

Glad that mostly good things are happening!