Monday, October 30, 2006

Doodlebops Live!

Yesterday my boys and I got to see the hottest show this season – among the toddler set! We were lucky enough to go see the Doodlebops Live!

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They played in Cleveland yesterday and the boys and I were lucky enough to catch the 4:00 show. Our seats weren’t as good as I’d have liked, but we could see really well, and weren’t in the nosebleed section so we definitely can’t complain.

I haven’t seen many kids’ shows live, Blues Clues and Sesame Street when Jaben was little, so I don’t have much experience with these shows, but as far as I’m concerned, Doodlebops is totally worth the money! The show begins with Busdriver Bob coming on the stage for a “pre-show party” where they show other cartoon show commercials (think Handy Manny and Little Einsteins – Kyan screamed and giggled when they showed his beloved ‘Nine-nines) and pumped up the crowd. I knew beforehand that it was the REAL Doodlebops, but I’m pretty sure that was NOT Busdriver Bob. Unless he had a cold. And 15 extra lbs. Bob is Ky’s favorite, but being 1–3/4 I don’t think he noticed.

After Bob was finished, DeeDee, Rooney and Moe came on and it was so much like the tv show! Moe did his usual hiding trick, and in between songs they played and visited all the familiar places. We saw the Doodlebops clubhouse, the recording studio, and they even had a strange little version of the Doodlebops bus! That was pretty funny, actually!

At one point when DeeDee was singing, she brought some little kids on the stage – which in itself is sweet and cute, but before she went back to her seat one little girl ran over and gave DeeDee a hug and said something to her. DeeDee replied, right into her mike, “Ohhh… thank you! You’re very pretty too!” and giggled. It was absolutely the sweetest moment of the show.

All in all, it was such a great time! I love it when things go well and the boys and I are able to have a good time together. I wasn’t sure how Kyan would do (he threw a gigantic fit before we left and in trying to get him out the door I forgot my camera!!) but he loved it! He clapped and cheered and danced on my lap the whole time – it was great! And Jaben… lol… I never would’ve thought that at 10 he could be so into a kids’ show – let alone a concert! But he was great! He enjoyed every second of it! My mom sent some money to buy each boy a souvenir, and Jaben chose this weird rubber “Moe hair” thing to wear on his head – and he wore it the whole time. He loves Moe – and I really wish I’d had my camera because it was soooo funny to see him wearing it!! When I left this morning one of our pumpkins was wearing the “Moe wig.”

I really should get a picture of that!!

The only downer about the show was souvenirs. They were ridiculously expensive!! I’m sorry - $15 for a program of a KIDS SHOW?? Um… no, sorry, not gonna happen. And the little blinking, twirling light-up things? $25. I kid you not -- $25 for one of those little suckers. I wanted to get the boys one SO BAD, but that would’ve been $50 and it ain’t possible. Even if it was possible, it ain’t likely. Imagine the profit margin on those things!!!! Over 75% per unit, easily. I paid enough for the tickets, as long as my boys got something to take home (and $15 for a Moe wig is insane enough – Ky got a more reasonably priced $8 ‘Bops sippy cup) there’s no way I was paying that much for that stuff.

So that kinda sucked.

But for a few hours with your kids, and a fun time dancing, shouting and singing, the Doodlebops Live! is definitely worth the price of admission!! Just be prepared to say NO! to a few overpriced souvenirs that your kids (and possibly YOU) are gonna want.

I wanna go again!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You should join my Doodlebops websites forum ( and post your review. I think its great! I'm so gald you guys had an awesome time. The US tour rocks!!

-- Stephanie*

Kimberly said...

We got the blinky flag thing. Regan loves it. Calls it her Doodlebop pledge and has to wave it around every time the Doodlebops do the pledge.