Monday, October 23, 2006

I kinda suck at this sometimes

Sorry, sometimes I get involved in life and the blog doesn’t get updated. For a week. Um, yeah. I’m not sure I’m very good at this. I’m sure I’d do a much better job if there was a way to make money at it… heh… but apparently there isn’t. At least not for me. Cuz I’m not very good at it. Unless you want to send donations. Um…. yeah, that’s it.

I had a meeting with Jabe’s school principal this week. On Friday, actually. The story is that on Weds Jabe cheated on a test a little. I say a little cuz he didn’t have a cheat sheet, didn’t write the answers on the bottom of his shoes, or have an earpiece with a kid in the tree outside the window feeding him the answers. What he did was when they were grading the tests – their own tests – he changed one of his answers. Not that that’s right to do, and yes, it’s cheating, but seriously, who hasn’t?? I was a * good * kid and I did it.

They gave him detention. Great, fine, well deserved. He got in trouble at home. Great, fine, well deserved.

He got taken to the principal’s office on Thurs where all 3 of his teachers and the principal sat around him to talk to him about it.

I don’t know about y’all, but that one seems like a bit of overkill to me. Not to mention that it scared the crap out of a basically good, if troubled kid. But, being who I am, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not, for a second, was I ever going to believe that bringing a child to the principal’s office and basically surrounding him with all the adults in charge of his day to confront him on an admittedly small cheat, is ever going to be okay with me. But, I needed to hear their side of the story. Especially after the meltdown he had over his homework that night – the details of which I am not at liberty to share, at his request.

On Friday, I had planned to call Principal, but instead found that Jaben was missing a notebook he needed and since I was bringing the notebook to him anyway, decided to drop in on Principal and have a chat. I told Principal I knew about what happened and I do agree that Jabe’s actions warranted detention and a trip to the Principal, but I wasn’t sure of the point of having all the teachers there and sitting around him like that, so, could he please tell me his side of the story?

The school’s take on this, from the mouth of Principal himself, is that they decided to bring Jaben in, with all the teachers, to show him that they were a team, working for his benefit, and that they were all supporting him. They talked about his grades from all his classes – which are all good, btw – and told him he didn’t need to cheat like that. Rah rah rah?

While this may very well be a case of right idea, executed badly, I’m not sure I forgive them. I can’t imagine thinking about this and coming to the conclusion that a meeting of this nature wouldn’t be absolutely terrifying to a 10-yr old boy. And based on Principal’s lack of eye contact, I can only conclude that he knew he was scaring my boy. I mean really, the other kids went to their 3rd period class, and Jaben was told to stay with the teacher. She then took him to the principal’s office where he and Jaben’s other 2 teachers were waiting. And this was * not * meant to scare this child?

There was something I didn’t like about Principal to begin with, and picking on a child with Jaben’s issues just makes me think he’s a bully. He might act like a great guy, and when I walked out of that meeting I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was off about him, but I think I’ve figured it out… he strikes me as an overgrown bully. Course I may be a bit sensitive because this is my child who is now afraid of his principal and teachers, but seriously, how is this * not* scary?

Ugh. Just ugh.

On the bright side, the last football game of the season was yesterday (we froze AND lost… good times), Cub Scouts will be starting on Tuesday, and the boys are officially moved into the room they are now sharing (even if Ky isn’t sleeping there yet). Thankfully we shouldn’t be as busy now, but I think I’d better reserve the right to have life get in the way of blogging about life every now and again.

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