Monday, July 31, 2006

Because I said so.

I wouldn’t have thought an 18-mo old would be in the “why” stage yet, but somehow Kyan has caught on that he can keep Mommy’s attention and keep Mommy talking by saying “why?” after everything I say. I can’t imagine he can understand every answer I give to his whys, but I answer him anyway. To a point. Then it becomes, “Because I said so.” Sometimes that satisfies him, sometimes it doesn’t.

So the other night I tried to turn the tables. He said why, I explained. He said why again, I expounded on my explanation. We continued this way until I finally said, “Because I said so.” And again he said, “why?”

Being the smart (stop laughing) Mommy I am, I said “why?” back…. And this incredibly smart 18-month old child of mine said, clear as day… “Said so.”

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