Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogging without a purpose

I have no idea what’s going to come out here, so bear with me. Kay? Thanx.

Jaben is now in possession of his first… um… athletic supporter. Yay to M for taking him!! I know it was more comfortable for him this way… and it was more comfortable for me, too.

Kyan has begun calling my mom by her first name. Hehehehe!! I know he gets it from hanging around all day with my cousin’s little boy, but that doesn’t make it any less amusing. It does kind of bother her, but I think even she thinks it’s kinda funny… until he came into the kitchen with his cup and said, “D – MILK!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

My car still isn’t finished. They thought they had it yesterday and I would’ve had it back last night, but then they discovered something wrong with the compressor (don’t ask me, I still don’t know), which requires another part, more money, and more time. This. Really. Sucks. sIt’s going to take me forever to pay back the money I have to borrow to have this done, I have to use my mom’s car and I know this is a real pain in the ass for her, and I really just want my car back. I know why it’s taking time, I understand, and it still stinks. I wish they’d make a car that wouldn’t break. Disposable vehicle, anyone??

Oh and … Who watches Big Brother All-Stars? Did anyone else want to hand Jase a binky last night? Or was that just me?? YES, James was a dillhole for the way he did things, but SO WHAT? It was KAYSER who just haaaad to tell Jase he was going up and why. And then to attack Marcellus for it? Um…. Marci had NOTHING to do with it! Get over yourself, Jase. You’d have done the same thing. Also, you’re not being backdoored! No wonder you can’t win this game! You don’t even understand the terminology! Backdooring is when you’re the target, but are not put up so you can’t win the veto and remove yourself. The group who is targeting you wins the veto themselves and removes one of the people on the block so YOU’RE put up and cannot save yourself. You are NOT being backdoored – you’re a replacement nominee because YOU HAD A CHANCE TO WIN VETO YOURSELF but instead of sucking it up you all – except Kayser – basically handed it to Chicken George. None of you who were in that comp have any right to bitch. Except Kayser. And interestingly enough – he’s not complaining… he’s just trying to work with what’s left. Dr. Will might not be even remotely as amusing as he was on season 2, but he’s a HELL of a lot better than Jase… if I want to watch temper tantrums, I can take candy away from my 18 mo old.

Hm… that was an interesting rant. I don’t think I normally get so worked up about reality tv. Maybe… but I don’t think so.

I think I’m going to try and update my blogroll again. If you want added, let me know. And if you’re reading this and have a blog, or request a link, please add me to your blogroll too. Thanx, everso!

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