Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm so hungry right now!

Tonight I’m planning to post a 12 of 12, which I will explain later and should’ve probably been posted yesterday, but I didn’t get around to it. I’m actually just amusing myself while I wait for it to be lunchtime. Not that I have a designated lunch time or anything, but it seems weird to eat lunch before noon since that’s when everyone else eats. But I’ve been hungry since like 10!! I know, I know, I could’ve eaten something, but since I’m trying to eat less and get used to feeling a bit hungry sometimes I’d really rather not do that. And please don’t anyone tell me how you should eat when you’re hungry… that’s not really the best thing for me, personally. It’s a process and this is how I reduce how much I eat.

Anyway, so I’m starving and I have a lovely chicken sandwich sitting in the fridge waiting for me to come eat it. Or dreading for me to come eat it. Except I’m sure chicken sandwiches don’t have thoughts… or feelings. Well, maybe they once did, but…

Okay, now I’m just going to gross myself out, thinking about food-chicken vs. animal-chicken and I really, really don’t want to go there 5 mins before I plan to eat. Ew, ew, ew, ew!!

Oh – you know who’s really cute when he eats? KYAN. It is absolutely adorable to watch him eat – seriously. He’s at the table now, in a booster seat and he just sits there with his little (strong) paper plates with little designs on them, fork in one hand, fistful of food in the other and just…. eats. I know, I know, only his mom could think watching him eat his dinner is * that * cute – or even cute at all probably, but it IS! I took a picture of him last night for 12 of 12 and if it came out I plan to post it later and everyone can see how cute Ky is when he eats. It’s just plain adorable… I promise!!

Ooh! I can eat now. Time to post and have my lunch!!

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