Friday, August 04, 2006

Strong but dumb

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My son, my amazing sweet wonderful rotten son, is now a football player. He's going to be a lineman, who the coach said need to be strong but dumb...... I'm pretty sure Jaben got the joke.

I think.

I'm excited for him because I think it'll be good for him and I hope he enjoys it. Conditioning isn't so great, but he'll survive. I just think playing will be a good thing for him, he'll get in better shape, make friends and learn something.

I'm not going to think about him getting hurt.

I'm just not.

If he can play soccer for years without getting hurt, he can play football - they wear more pads!

I'm not even going to think about the mom who told me her son knocked another kid OUT his first game and put him in the hospital.

Nope, not gonna think about it.

Right outta my head.



Actually, the boys have all been very tough, showing up for conditioning and working their little hineys off during the over-100-degree-heat-index days. I think, even tho the coaches will be working them harder now that it's cooler, it'll be easier all around because of the lower temperatures.

But, um... I said that last night and Jabe looked at me like I grew another head.

So maybe not.

He sure does look cute tho…


Ray said...

aw!!! he looks adorable! :)

um... i mean... not adorable... tough and ferocious!

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