Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Attempt #2

Okay so I tried typing a post earlier and my fabu mac froze up and of course I hadn’t saved anything yet so POOF! Gone.

And it’s not like I’ve posted recently, either. For that, I apologize to my… what? 5 readers? So sorry! But seriously, I have been SO BUSY lately it’s not even funny. It’s program time at work and trust me, that takes a lot of work, and then of course I don’t want to get online when I get home so no posty from me!

Anyway, the kids are doing really well. Kyan is doing GREAT at his new babysitter. I swear the woman is amazing! He eats, he naps, he plays! And he’s been talking more and more every day! Her little boy, I think, is kind of advanced (potty trained at 21 mos and he talks like you would not believe!) so Kyan is picking up a lot of great things from him. Of course this also means I have to be * very very * careful about what I say! I’ve been made very aware of which swears are most commonly said in my household and I need to make a very concentrated effort * not * to say them! But otherwise it’s a good thing… he really is blossoming right now being with them. I’m so glad and so lucky we found them!! This really is working out to be a beautiful situation for Kyan. And I’ve got to say, I really just like L. She’s so very very nice (especially to me, flake that I am) and her oldest son plays on Jaben’s football team, which is way cool.

Oooh! I just heard from Jaben! Well okay, I called him. I wanted to know how his first day of 5th grade went. See, where we live schools are set up a bit differently from what I imagine most other places are. We have elementary (K-4), intermediate (5-6), middle (7-8), and then high school (9-12), and this year of course he started (TODAY!) at the intermediate school. They’ve got lockers and different periods for classes – so they switch some. He said most of his classes are held in his homeroom, but they do switch for a few – and he thought that was confusing! LOL… he’ll get used to it. When I was in school, we started middle school in 6th grade and switched for every class. It’s weird at first, but he’ll like it. It’s more freedom… and more responsibility.

His first football game was on Sunday too! And they WON!! I KNOW! I couldn’t believe it either, but it was a blowout!! 25-0! I’ll be the first to admit I know jack about football so I spent most of the game watching Jaben on the sidelines (he played 5-10 mins total) wishing for him to get on the field. And then when he was on the field I kept praying for him not to get smeared. Hehehe…. He was fine tho. His next game is an away game, so we’re going to have to find directions to the school it’s being held at and hope we don’t get lost. That’s one thing about a travel team at this age….. I’m very directionally challenged so it’s going to be an adventure for us! We’ll get to see * all kinds * of new places – and not necessarily on purpose! Wheeeeee!!!!

So that’s my update for now. Not overly exciting, not terribly amusing. Maybe next time I’ll get into Kyan’s new Spongebob fixation and my psycho next door neighbors. Yeah, that one is * definitely * a post for another day!

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