Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yes, I'm still blogging...

Not that I got any emails or anything asking me that. I just got busy.

Jaben has football every minute it seems like from now until the end of Oct. Add school and play practice (which I get to be in, yay!) and he's way busy. And I haven't even figured out yet how we're going to manage Cub Scouts. Think maybe he does too much???

Ky started at the new babysitter this week. Up until today he's been great. However (better than a but right?) this morning he cried and screamed and reached for me when I went to leave. That sucked so bad I can't even say. I have never had to leave a baby screaming for me like that before -- that is so rough. I hate it and I hope he gets used to it REALLY soon and gets over that because I have no options. He's got to be in daycare, he's got to learn to be with other people, he's got to learn to deal and that's all there is to it. And I don't think there's a whole lot I can do to help him with that. I just don't want to leave him screaming and crying every morning. And when I called (of course I called!) she said he's been a cling-on all day, which doesn't help matters.

So maybe next time around I'll write an amusing, fun post. For now, stressed out, worried about both kids (one having a rough transition, the other far too busy) and we haven't even bought school clothes for Jaben yet! Thank God we got the supplies already - and OMG were THOSE expensive!!

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