Thursday, April 13, 2006

techinical difficulties

My computer seems to not want me to be able to make the post I want to make today, so I'm just going to make a short/quick one now, and try to make the post I wanted to later.

To the girls from my board... I hope I didn't offend you with the Corey comment! It's not that I didn't believe you, I just wanted more compliments on my handsome son. *blush* Pretty lame, huh?

I've got a new pic of Ky to post thanx to my cousin/babysitter but since ol Bessie here isn't cooperating, I'll have to do it later when I can use my newer, happier pc.

For now, here's a question. I'm not the only one who thinks this whole Katie Holmes/L. Ron Cruise silent birth thing is nuts, am I? I can't be. And what about the whole thing where they only interact with the baby for changes and feedings in it's first week. That can't be good for the baby... don't infants, and newborns especially, physically need affection in order to not only thrive, but to survive? Eesh... that girl needs a reality check. This guy... not so good for you and your baby, sweetie.


Pedro said...

I liked your blog.
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Rebecca said...

Hi Pedro! Thanx for stopping by! I will try to check out your blog when I am at home and can convert to English. I appreciate the comment!! :-)