Friday, April 07, 2006

Little star!

I swear my boy is going to be a star!!! Yeah, okay so I have the whole mom "my kid is so awesome and you better not say different" thing going on. But I don't care! He did SO awesome last night!! I know it's just a silly school program thing, but he's totally a natural performer. He was one of "those kids" last night. You know, the ones who not only get to go to the front and sing or dance or play an instrument or whatever, but they get to do it twice? Yep, that was my son!! He. Was. So. Good.

Like, my mom was in tears, good.

I have to laugh tho... what's she going to be like next month when he's in his first real play? I probably didn't mention, Jabe's in a musical next month with a pretty large part, for a first-timer. He definitely doesn't have one of the leads (there are 3 and they're huge parts -- too big for him to do for sure yet), but his part covers most of the second act (of 3) and he's doing well enough to impress his acting teacher. Who is very good. Out of a cast of 9 kids, he is only one of 3 who are newbies - and he's doing amazing!! Oh wait till the day after the play... I'll probably have a huge post and tons of pics! But for now... a few of the performer in the family from last night...

I could go on and on with the pics, but I guess I'd better not go overboard. Gah!! I'm one of those moms!!!

Yeah, my kids rock.

Now I've got to run and check the blogs I love to read, as well as get moving on the t-shirt I'm making my mom for her birthday on Sunday. Yeah, it's cheesy - it's a grandma t-shirt with pics of my boys and my sister's little one on it. BUT -- what good is being a designer (obviously not a WEB designer!!) if I can't do stuff like that, right? Right.

At least that's what I tell myself.


Erik said...

I just left comments on all of your other entries and now I feel like I should leave one on this one two. I started acting when I was ten. (I did it until a few years ago.) It's so awesome that your son is doing two shows in a row, and taking acting classes. Sounds like he definitely has the bug. When the bug bites, it usually bites hard. Rock on.

Rebecca said...

That's what I thought too! I used to act myself, when I was in high school so I'm real familiar with the bug, and I can see he's totally got it and I LOVE it! I loved acting and I am SUCH a stage mom! I know that's not such a great thing sometimes but I'm having as much of a blast as he is - and I can't WAIT to get him into the Children's Theatre we've got here. I do a lot of design work for them and am pretty tight with the director and know it's a great program. He can't get in until he officially turns 10, but not much longer now. I just know once he's in that he's going to have a blast!!