Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So now that I’m (practically) healthy…

Guess it’s time to write a decent entry. Heh.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and my wonderful sister came over and cleaned our house that completely fell apart while I was sick so my mom wouldn’t have to do it on her birthday! Yay for sister!!! She totally rocks! Not just because of that, but it didn’t hurt things either. Funny thing tho – I called Jaben from work, after he got home from school, and told him to pick up the living room so Grandma wouldn’t have to. He said sure. Wasn’t till I got home that I found out sister had already cleaned. And here I thought he was being agreeable for once. Sneaky, sneaky boy!!

Oh – she also made mom a birthday cake! Yay again for sister! Except…. I was still feeling the effects of my unfriendly bug and couldn’t have any. (I almost put boo there but it looked so childish. Even for me.)

Kyan’s molars are finally – FINALLY – starting to break! If you hold him down and pry his mouth open (I’m exaggerating) (sort of) you can see little white caps on both sides on the top. I can’t believe how LONG this has been taking and how rough it’s been on him (and everyone else within hearing distance). I can’t wait until all his teeth are in and we’re thru this teething stage because it stinks. No matter how you look at it, it stinks. I’d rather potty train than deal with teething. Seriously – I find potty training more tolerable than teething. That’s how much I hate teething.

I’ve got to remember to call his doctor too. He’s always been really bowlegged, but in the past few months his right ankle has been turning in. We’ve had him in those high topped baby shoes that are supposed to help the feet go straight, but they haven’t done anything. So now he’s just wearing regular (gigantic) baby sneakers and at times his right ankle turns so much he trips over his own foot. That can’t be right. So I’m gonna have it looked at. I’m sure it’s not “serious” because if it were, he probably wouldn’t be walking, and he certainly wouldn’t have been walking at 10 mos. But still…. it’s not right.

Next week is Jabe’s spring break from school. I can’t believe it’s that time of year already!! I can’t wait for summer! I absolutely love that hot, humid weather everyone else bitches about. I know that’s weird but I’m cold. All the time. I don’t know why. Well, I know now that part of it is because thyroid disease causes a lowered body temp, and I do have that – still, even with the meds – so hot weather definitely feels better to me than a normal person. But there’s so much more to do in the summer! There’s swimming, Cedar Point, fairs, festivals, just sitting outside watching the kids play, cooking out, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Ah…. I cannot wait for summer!!!!!


pmb said...

Cool site. The tales of being a mommy can be taxing at times, so I'm sure that as a single mom, it's like quadroopled.

Rebecca said...

Hey thanx for the compliment! It can be tough and I'm finding 2 to be a lot more work than 1, but they're totally worth it.

I'm gonna have to pop over and check out your site! Thanx for the comment!!