Monday, April 17, 2006

Routine Change

I love spring break!! Jaben's out of school this week so I can go in to work at 8 and get off at 5!! Big difference that hour makes in the evening... believe me!! And since Jaben slept over at the cousin/babysitter's house last night I only had to get one little person ready and out the door an hour early.

But... it sucked. I felt soooo bad for the little guy!! He finally slept well enough that I could get all ready for work, had his clothes out and ready to go... and still he slept. I went in to get him up with about 10 mins to be out the door and he stirred, so I moved around a bit and woke him. By then it was so late I had brought his diaper, wipes and clothes with me so I could just go ahead and dress him. So instead of his usual morning 10 min cuddle, he got stripped down, rinsed with a cold, cold wipe and re-dressed before even getting out of bed. What an awful way to wake up!! I felt so bad doing it, and yet I did it anyway. I kept telling him "I'm sorry baby... I'm sorry! Mommy will be home earlier tonight so we can have some extra time together," but I don't think he really cared.

I do hope tomorrow he gets up a little earlier so his routine won't be so disturbed. It'll be done an hour earlier than he's used to, but at least it would be better than the rude awakening he got this morning.

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