Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feelin like a bad mom

11 yr old boys are difficult. And lazy. And spacey. I believe all of them are that way, so why would I expect different from MY child?

Because he's MINE, that's why.

We were all home yesterday. Day off for Kyan and me (due to a workflow issue it made more sense to be off Weds and work Friday) and Jaben had a snow day. Yay! The whole day home in the middle of the week!

So what did we do??

Cleaned and fought, that’s what.

I cleaned, the boys fought, then I *tried* to get Jaben to clean and he and I fought. That child has the messiest room I’ve ever seen but he absolutely refuses to clean it. And since I don’t want him to miss out on anything, there aren’t any real consequences. So why on earth would I think he’d clean the playroom yesterday without serious threat?

Silly me.

We need a system, he needs to know his responsibilities consistently, and I need for him to HELP me out. Between the 2 of them, those boys can trash the entire house in a half hour. On a slow day. I am only one person and I am TIRED.

So rather than continuing to yell and completely destroying our relationship, I downloaded a chore chart format for Jaben today. Sure I could make one for him, all special and stuff, but I do not have time. Plus, I really just want this to be fast and easy. This will tell him what he needs to do each day of the week so that he can do it in HIS time, so long as it’s all done before bed.

I think I should also make him a morning routine chart (list?) to help him remember what to do in the morning. Like brush his teeth.

Say it with me now…. Ewwwwwwwwww!

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Laura said...

I need to have you come over and check out Nik's room. I'm *this close* to calling FEMA.