Friday, February 15, 2008


I got a filling today. In a molar. It was a really bad one.

No, I'm not being a whimp. Hell, I went thru childbirth on pitocin with no meds... I can handle one little filling!

Except this one isn't little. I swear the man rebuilt my tooth using filling material. There was smoke. And blood.

Okay, I'm making up the smoke but the blood was real.

You know it's bad when the dentist says he'll call the next day to check on you.



Sush said...

Awww..I hope you r feeling better..fillings and root canals hurt :(. Take care.

Michele said...

I get migraines from the dentists office visits. I would rather sheer a limb off than go through another root canal. You have my sympathy.

Stacy said...

so, how were you feeling the next day when he called? and I bet there really was smoke! that has happened to me before!