Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rotten teeth, rotten kids, needing a getaway

Looks like I’m going to live. Thanks to you who posted with the sympathy! It was pretty miserable for a couple days and while I still can’t chew on that side (shudder) or let anything even remotely hot or cold touch it, I’m doing a lot better. Few things are worse than heavy dental work. It’s just brutal.

It’s also completely thrown me off. Imagine chewing gum on a tooth like that. Ain’t gonna happen, right? Right. So I’m off the nicotine gum for now and will get back to it when the fear that it might touch my tooth and rip something up or out passes. I expect a few more days at least. Then, it’s right back up on that horse!! Bet you’re looking forward to more posts on THAT! But… since I refuse to give up it’s going to happen. Your support is invaluable (hint, hint!).


Yesterday the boys were home with mom for President’s day, which was great for them. And apparently they had a great day – big breakfast, lunch at McDonald’s, total grandma spoilfest.


Grandma wasn’t thinking and put Kyan down for his nap without a pull up. He’s never slept in his underwear before so it could’ve been ugly. But when he woke up he was dry! Atta boy, Ky! Unfortunately the celebrations were cut short when, upon being brought into the bathroom to go ahead and potty, Mr. Kyan threw a fit, sat himself down on the bathroom floor and proceeded to pee his pants. Grandma didn’t care much for that (ya think?), stripped him down and sat him on the couch.

For me to deal with when I came home.


And that was just the beginning of the night from hell. Neither of those boys were very pleasant to be around last night. Got to the point where I wanted to take one head in my right hand, the other head in my left and ….. SMASH!!

Fortunately this is not an option.

You’d think two little boys who are going to Kalahari tomorrow – Thurs would behave better than that. I swear if it was refundable I’d have been tempted.

Or not. I really wanna go . Waterparks rock, but also I get to meet up with Stacy, who I’ve “known” from my message board for a few years and will be going with her family about the same time. I am so excited to meet her it's kind of silly! With that as incentive, I don’t care how rotten those boys are, I’m going. And I will try to get some decent pictures to share since I have a working camera now.

Till then, have a super week!


Stacy said...

Rebecca you are too sweet! I am just as excited as you are!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...


Laura said...

I hope you had a great time, and I hope your mouth is feeling better. Running away is good for the spirit.