Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yep, sounds like something I'd do...

Well, you have been spared the lengthy 100 things about me post. It seems I used my epic 100th post on a meme. I knew it was coming up, I was counting down and it just didn't happen. Guess you'll have to wait for 200. Or not.

So yeah, this is post 101.

In other news, Kyan slept in his big boy bed last night! I decided it was just time to move on. No real reason, beyond my being tired of being kicked in the back or the stomach (depending on which direction I was laying) all night long. So yesterday I washed the boys' bedding, flipped and febreezed mattresses (even cleaned their room!) and made up Kyan's big boy bed with the Blues Clues bedding (Spongebob blanket on top). He did okay in it for his nap yesterday, he only played and talked to himself a few minutes before falling asleep. But bedtime last night he didn't do as well. Cried for a while, tried to get into bed with Jaben... nothing unexpected, but no fits, which WAS unexpected. He was up at around 11, again around 1, then slept thru till 7. Each time I put him back to bed, so yay for me because I do tend to give in on things in the middle of the night.

Hopefully tonight will go better, but I don't expect so. Knowing him, I would expect some temper at bedtime and probably a few more night wakings. But eventually, he will sleep. And he needs to do it in his own bed. I need him to now, and he needs him to now. It's just time.

Now if only I can hold out and get thru the tough beginning part, he will be a happier toddler and I will be a happier mommy. Sleeeeeeeeeeep, baby, sleeeeeeeeeeep.

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palmtreefanatic said...

I pray he does, this is such a transition!
Eventually he will this is the good news~:)

AWWWWWW I was waiting for the 100th post! (sobbing)