Thursday, March 15, 2007

Update on Kyan

Ky seems to be doing a lot better today! We got a prescription for anti-nausea suppositories yesterday, and that, combined with the Tylenol had him acting almost like himself again. Thank God. It’s so hard watching a child that small who is so sick… they don’t understand and it’s just heartbreaking. Even before meds this morning, he seemed better. He got up while I was having a bagel before work (he’s with Grandma today – yay Grandma!), and wanted some so I gave it to him. As I was leaving, he asked Grandma for a bagel and milk, so she was giving him that too. I’m okay with the bagel, not sure if I’d have given him milk, but she seemed to be okay with it so I’m not going to worry about it. I did call a little while ago and she said it stayed down, but he’s still having a lot of diarrhea. Hopefully that’s just his little body cleaning out the “bad stuff” and he’ll be even better tomorrow. I’ve decided not to work tomorrow to make up time, I’ll just have it come out of sick or vacation time, because I feel he needs to be home one more day, so it’ll just be a bonus if he’s even better. We’ll just have to see. Either way, we have meds that we know help him feel better and the Dr is taking it seriously so I’m sure this won’t be a 2-week virus. Not this time!

Now if we can just keep Jaben from getting it, I’m hoping this will be the last of our winter germs. Someone tell the weather to warm back up so we can open windows and get back out more! We need spring weather to wash away all the nasty, nasty bugs!


Ray-Ray said...

oh good I'm glad the little noodge is doing better... poor thing... I know a lot about diarrhea here in Africa with all the parasites...

my internet hasn't been working here!!!!! but it is now so I'm glad to get to catch up!!!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

So happy to hear my littlwe guy is doing so much better! (sigh)
givem a kiss for me!