Friday, March 16, 2007

Vomitus toddlerus & other things

So Kyan is still puking. In fact, he used his perfect aim to projectile vomit on Jaben this morning. Oh his face and upper body. To say Jaben was repulsed is a gross understatement.

Get it? Gross understatement? Yeah, I'm so damn witty.

I just don't know at this point what the hell is going on or what to do to help him get over this and not get sick again in another month. It's getting ridiculous, frustrating, and worrisome. He's got suppositories from the Dr to help with the nausea, but he's still not eating and barely drinking enough. It just seems like with everything doctors can do these days, there would be a way to get a toddler thru a virus (?) more quickly and with less pain than this. I know there are many people with truly sick kids and other loved ones, but this one is MINE and I want him better. Healthy. As in, no longer puking up everything that hits his little tummy.


Speaking of people with real physical hurdles........ I posted earlier about Erik's friend Uma and what she's been going thru after having an aneurysm burst. She is now back in California thanx to a ride on an air ambulance and according to all of Erik's updates, is making amazing strides. The treatment Uma needs is going to be costly and go on for quite a while. The air ambulance alone was $20,000, I think. I might have that wrong as I'm going from memory here. But regardless of the actual dollar amount it's a lot. There is also ongoing hospitalization, rehab, and basic living expenses once she's out of the hospital and back home, yet unable to work. She's making amazing strides, as I said, but it's going to take a lot of time. And money.

I can't personally help out in that way, but I thought I'd contribute in this way. They've set up a site you can visit to help with Uma's expenses. I love that they're not only doing this, but that it's working. People are sending money to help Uma, and on his blog, Erik has kept the updates current so we can all see how wonderfully Uma is progressing. If you haven't read about Uma's story, please go check it out. She's inspiring. And if you have a few extra $$, I know where it can be put to good use.

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Ray-Ray said...

aww, poor babe... :(

When Ndeye, the little girl I was living with, was puking everything last month, we gave her ORS? To keep her hydrated??? And she didn't puke it... it has some salt and sugar in it, so I guess it sticks to your stomach better (the poor niblet was even puking water...) -- Anyway, it's a thought? Although over there you probably have Pedialyte popsickles and all of that yummy stuff!!! I've heard that Pedialyte is very good.