Monday, March 26, 2007

Relaxing weekend…

All the illness has been banished from our home! And I hope it stays that way for a long time! I don’t think I can take any more.

Friday, since I’d been sick all week, I decided Kyan and I wouldn’t do much. I got my house cleaned (yay!), did some laundry, and we ran over to the store to get stuff to make cupcakes! We watched far too much tv (I swear he’d watch all day long if I’d let him) and just got caught back up. Chinese for dinner and that’s about it. Nice!

Saturday, Jaben’s Cub Scout pack had their pinewood derby. Aunt Keli goes every year (she helps make the car!), so we picked her up a little before 10, got to the church and weighed in. Jaben’s car was dead on for weight, so we had an hour to kill. 2 hotdogs, 3 drinks, 3 bags of chips and 2 cookies later, they were ready to begin!

Jaben was called up to lead the pledge of allegiance and the Cub Scout promise!!!! Of course I suck and didn’t bring a camera, but he looked so grown up and proud up there… I wish I had pics to share. He didn’t know he was doing it, but he was very proud – he did a very good job!! As for the race, he lost his first heat, won his second and lost his third. So we left because I didn’t see any need to hang around to see who won and really, we were all done by then.

Went home, tried fruitlessly to get Kyan to take a nap, and around 2:30 left to the rec to go swimming. That was a lot of fun!! Jaben’s a fish, and Kyan - in his own words says, “I wuv it simmin’!” That made me laugh… my 2 little fishies! I was the same way as a kid, and Jaben and I decided it’d be fun to be mer-people and live in the water.

But, we got hungry around 4:30, so off to Burger King with us!

We’ve got 2 BK’s in town, but one play area is better padded and more Kyan-sized, so we went there. Conveniently right up the street from the rec center. We all ate and then the boys played for a while. More fun for Kyan than Jaben tho… being Kyan-sized it’s a little small for Jaben. I told him next time we’d go somewhere more suited to him.

Sunday, we took it easy again. Hung around in pajamas for a long time, did some laundry, then during Kyan’s nap time I forced Jaben out back to do some yard work. He didn’t do much, but I raked up tons of leaves and we cleaned up more trash than I’m willing to admit! Jabe frustrates me to no end, but at least the yard looks better. Not great, by any means, but better. For now I’ll take better.

Once Ky got up, we played outside for a while longer, then went for ice cream. Kyan ate an entire small vanilla cone! The whole thing!! I guess he was hungry. * guilty *

Once we got back from the ice cream place, we were done! Fend for yourself dinner (I did remember to feed Kyan!), lots of possibly inappropriate Fox prime time cartoons and bed.

I love this warmer weather and wish it would go ahead and stay this way. It won’t… we always get one snowfall in April… but I’d be fine with skipping that this year. It just feels like a more productive, restful, family kind of weekend when we can get out and do things.

Bring on summer!!

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palmtreefanatic said...

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER! wooohooo for that!
Kyan enjoys the rec now? so happy to hear...I started kedric on swimming lessons there tonight