Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The one with no title

Kyan is sick again. He started vomiting at the babysitter's yesterday morning and continued to vomit on and off until about 11:30 last night. Not to mention diarrhea. Oh wait, I just mentioned it. It hasn't been that long since he's been this sick so I think I need to call the Dr. I don't think they'll say anyting other than it's another virus, let it run it's course, but if he keeps getting sick like this I want it on record. I'm just really exhausted today from getting little to no sleep last night.

Not to be too much of a downer, I have a cute Jaben story...

I had to leave before him yesterday morning and when I need to do that I use the walkie-talkie feature on our phones to keep in contact with him and make sure he's okay and is getting everything ready for school.

After I dropped Kyan off at the sitter's, I 2-way'd Jaben like I always do to see how he was and let him know I was heading to work. I don't know if anyone else will find this funny, but he cracked me up... instead of answering me like he normally would, he just comes over the walkie-talkie with... "and theeeeeeennnnnnnn.........???"

That kid... lol... he knows exactly what will make me giggle. He did it the exact number of times to make me laugh, but not enough to piss me off, so he played it just right. I don't know if I should be letting a 10 yr old watch Dude Where's My Car (we LOVE that movie, cracks me up every time), but it was worth it, if only for this. He's so funny when he wants to be!


Erik said...

That makes me crack up too. I loooooove that movie and I love that you and your son love it too!

Rebecca said...

How can you not like bubble wrap suits?? I want to make one for Halloween sometime! I just saw Harold and Kumar go to white castle (I know, I'm late on that one) and it was the same time of dumb humor and of course I loved it too!

Erik said...

i haven't ever seen Harold and Kumar, but I know i'll love it. i've been meaning to rent it for ages. i've seen Dude Where's My Car about ten times.

my favorite scenes are the "and then" scene and the "dude/sweet" scene.