Friday, January 04, 2008

Now I just feel sorry for her

Everyone has heard/read about what happened to Britney Spears last night, right? She had a breakdown, locked herself in a room with her son Jaydn and wouldn't let him leave with his father. She ended up being taken to a hospital by ambulance and is now on lockdown or something being watched.

Yes, she's a mess, yes, she's probably on drugs (although I think I read that the tox screen came back clean), and yes she makes bad choices. But how many of us haven't made bad choices? How many of us have had days, weeks, hours - and in some cases even years where we're walking messes? Most of us. If you haven't, you're lucky. We all make bad choices, we all go thru periods where we could very easily end up where Britney is. We're fortunate if we don't and can get thru our bad periods okay. And we don't have to do it in the public eye.

I realize she chose her path and as a consequence is living her life in the spotlight, but she made that choice when she was very, very young. And did she really make that choice, or did her psycho of a mother make that choice for her? Nobody can ever know the answer to that, except maybe for Lynne Spears - and we know she won't say. I know there are things I wanted when I was that young that I would never want or choose now, and I'm sure most people feel the same way. It's possible that fame isn't something Britney would choose, given the chance to do it all again. Who knows?

Regardless, right now that girl is going thru some rough stuff. She gave birth to two children in two years, a divorce, possible addiction, losing her kids, who knows what else - and is going thru all of it with the whole world watching. Those things would be enough to make anyone lose it, and, being human, she's losing it.

She's fortunate in that she can afford to get help, and hopefully someone with a brain will help her to understand that she can choose to make things better. And maybe she will. Maybe she'll get lucky and someone who doesn't want anything from her (yeah right) will come along and help her -- really help her. So that she can move on and have a more normal life, and so that those cute little boys can have a real mom.

Anything can happen, right? I just feel sorry for her. I can't imagine.


Angie said...

I'm right with you. She's losing it and I feel horrible for her. I just hope she can get it together. She's going to need a lot of positive people in her life, her mother obviously isn't one of them

Laura said...

The travesty of stage parenting. I can only hope that she will get help, real help, not Dr. Phil help (to further his own insta-celebrity). I have felt bad for this girl since the "bad mother" comments began with her trip and the infamous car ride. She is, as I read on a message board, a real life Neely O'Hara.