Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We've just gotten all kinds of snow today! I'm not overly thrilled about driving in it, but I'm excited because it's supposed to snow for the next few days and maybe, just maybe, I will *finally* get to take Kyan sledding! That poor kid has been so cooped up lately. Last week (when the weather was beautiful, of course) he was sick with a temperature and croupy cough all week, so he didn't get to take advantage of the springlike days. All he could talk about once he saw that snow this morning was making a snowman... so I hope he gets the chance.

Jaben got into some trouble this weekend, so he has to come straight home from school all week. I gave him a choice for tonight... he can either unload and put away the clean dishes I ran this morning, or take his little brother outside and help him make a snowman. I know what *I* would choose, but you know what that little... adolescent... said?

"What's in it for me?"

I KNOW!! Little brat. Who raised this kid anyway??

I'll be calling him at about the time he gets home from school to hear his decision. And if he gives me any more attitude, he can do both. Heh. Cuz I'm such a mean mom. Actually Jaben does tell me that I'm the strictest mom he knows. Obviously he doesn't know that many moms because, honestly? I'm a bit of a pushover. What's in it for me... bah.

This is why some animals eat their young.

Maybe this weekend I'll be able to finally get some pics of Kyan sledding to post up here. I never did post the photos from Jaben's play last month. Maybe we'll just do sledding pics in July. Or, knowing me? More like August.

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