Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 will have to work hard to redeem itself

This year was supposed to be better than last year, but really what difference does a date on a calendar make? Not that much, apparently.

Kyan has already been sick. All of last week he ran a temperature ranging from about 101 to 102.5 at it’s highest. The doctor suspected an ear infection, so he had to be on antibiotics and stayed home Monday thru Friday. During the warmest, most beautiful January weather we could hope for.

More issues with child support and subsequently, daycare. Since my daycare is subsidized, we were due for our 6 month review. The caseworker, who hasn’t shown herself to be all that great so far, decided that since we received the annual “I-wanna-keep-my-license” payments, that should be added to actual income and decided to raise my daycare payments. This is not income. The payments are $2800 in arrearages (I know that’s not much but the other owes over $35000) and he’s only paid enough to retain his license. I called, complained, explained, and got it reduced. It’s not as if I enjoy having to use this method to pay for daycare, but it’s my only choice. I would prefer that it not be any harder than it has to be.

My bank hates me. I had an issue this weekend with a deposit not being made active on my bank account in a timely manner, thus resulting in over $100 in overdraft fees. I contacted the bank and went over the whole thing via email. Minor victory – they returned $33 of the charges. Not perfect, but better than I expected. It’s like they agree it wasn’t my fault, but since I have no real recourse they’re only going to do so much. I have to accept it, but I don’t have to like it.

The buyer backed out. We had someone all lined up to buy our old house, it had passed inspection and the loan had already gone thru, but they’ve changed their minds. I’m still not sure why. On the positive, we have another buyer interested, but he’s not offering enough. The realtor is going to try to talk him up a bit, but with the market being what it is, we’re going to take what we can get. We’re lucky to have a buyer at all. We need to unload that house… the carrying costs are getting to be too much. So, we’ll end up with a small mortgage on the house we’re in now, and will have to save up the money and nickel and dime the repairs the outside still needs. This is not the position we were hoping to be in, but it is what it is. It’s a nicer house in a much better neighborhood, the neighbors are great, it’s much safer for the kids and they are happier. I just have to remember that the pluses outweigh the minuses by enough that this is a good thing, no matter what.

I do have one good thing… Today is my last day as a smoker. I have been reading a book called The easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr and I honestly believe it’s given me the tools to become a non-smoker. Starting tomorrow. There should be no nicotine replacements (however I do reserve the right to use patches if I decide I want them), and it should be a happy, joyful process. What a wonderful thing to overcome drug addiction and move on with life free of something that’s just become a royal pain. I just don’t want it – it’s too much to think about, too much to deal with, it’s affecting my life, the lives of my children, and every aspect of my life. How wonderful it will be to think about going places, making plans, and living life without worrying about when or if I will be able to smoke!! I would ask that there be no discussion on smoking in general, ways to quit, or stories. This is a very personal thing for me and I need for it to be my way and in my time. Feel free to offer congratulations, but beyond that I ask that you refrain from discussion. Thank you!

So yeah, 2008 has a ways to go, but I have decided that we need things to look forward to, so besides the above I have a few ideas. I’m going to take those boys to Kalahari this year come hell or high water!! I had told Jaben that I didn’t think we could this year (we’ve gone in March the past 2 years), but the more I thought about it the more I think we need it, and we deserve it. I need another adult to take because the boys will want to do different things and I don’t want to be confined to the baby pool the whole time. But we’re doing it. Dammit, we are. I’m also going to take out some tax refund money to set aside for a great Cedar Point day this summer, a trip to the fair, and another weekend getaway to the Toledo Zoo and hotel overnight. These are things we need, and we need to have them to look forward to. There is also Valley Beach in the summer – and oh how my boys love that! There are a lot of obstacles this year and work to be done, but I’m trying hard to be optimistic.

It can only be what we make it, so while 2008 definitely has a ways to go to become a good year, I’m going to try my best to help it along.

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