Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I've been tagged

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Laurato do a meme. As she explained it in her blog: The rules are for me to link to the person who tagged me, list 7 weird (I prefer to think charmingly quirky) things about myself and then tag 7 others to play along. And also, most importantly, let them know they have been tagged.

I’ve been trying really hard to think of 7 sufficiently weird things about myself ever since I read Laura’s, and I think I’m getting there. Without further adieu… 7 things that make me weird… er quirky!

1. I can’t stand to wear shoes. I manage fine in the summer, when I can get by in flip flops and sandals, but winter drives me crazy with the heavy socks and shoes that can’t just be slipped off. If I didn’t live in Ohio, I would wear sandals or flip flops year long. And shoes in the house? Fageddaboutit! And I never wear any shoes that can’t just be slipped off.

2. I don’t want to get married. Actually, I never have wanted to get married. I wasn’t one of those little girls who played “Bridal Barbie,” picked out wedding dresses to dream about, or bride’s maid dresses to torment friends with… I just wasn’t into it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out people really did those things… I honestly thought it was just on tv. I think I knew this time around I needed to do it solo and this works for me.

3. I believe in reincarnation. Not in the bizarre “If you’re not good you’ll come back as a worm” kind of way. More like in a second-chances kind of way. It says sin the Bible that we’re God’s children, and what parent only gives His child one chance to get things right? I just don’t see it that way. This is not up for debate or further discussion, this is just what I believe.

4. I am so very afraid of heights that I can’t climb a ladder. It’s really bad, like a phobia. Can’t. Do. Heights.

5. I don’t paint my fingernails very often because I can actually feel the weight of the polish on my nails. It really feels strange to me… I can’t even imagine what those fake acrylic things would feel like.

6. I’m getting better about this, but I don’t really know my left from my right. I still have to think about it most of the time. Once, I even drove a good half hour out of my way because I went right when all the time I was thinking I went left. That CAN’T be normal.

7. I don’t know how weird this is, but coming up with 7 things is harder than I thought it’d be, so I’m going to use it. I like to watch “guy tv.” I love Mythbusters, I watched (and DVR’d) every episode of Ice Road Truckers, I love Dirty Jobs! I also like geek-boy cartoons… the Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy are my favorites! I’ve never seen (nor wanted to see) an episode of Desperate Housewives or Grays Anatomy, never watched America’s Next Top Model. Just not my thing.

So there you have it. Seven different things to prove how weird… er, quirky… I am. And now to tag…. Do 7 people even read this blog? Oh well, I’ll just tag people I read and love, and whose blogs I have commented on and hope for the best.

Tina, Dani, Anne, Tracey, Jodi, and um… 2 other people who happen to read this… TAG! You’re it!


Laura said...

While addicted to ANTM, I, too, have never seen Desparate H's, GA, or Lost for that matter. Sometimes, it seems, the more popular they are, the less I want to see them. Our current family favorite is Ghost Hunters. That's a great list by the way.

palmtreefanatic said...

I did mine!
I totally relate to #1 as you will read in my post!
I have not seen ANY of the programs mentioned in #7...

DaniGirl said...

Hey Rebecca - I thought I commented on this thread already, no? Oh well, just wanted to let you know I'll be playing along in the next couple of days unless, you know, something ELSE happens to prevent me from blogging! ;)