Sunday, December 09, 2007

The tree is wet and the kids are fighting

Yeah, it's that kind of day.

We actually had a good weekend, after a couple of bumpy weeks. I'm sure I haven't written about it, having been so long since my last post. 2 weeks ago, Jaben's fish, Bella, went to the big fishbowl in the sky. Then, this past Thursday, the bird, Retro, went to join her. Not a great time to be one of our pets. Or to be Jaben, for that matter.

But this weekend was okay. Jaben went to camp and tobogganing (which is a story in and of itself, and NOT a good one), so Kyan and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. I've got everything bought, thank God, except for stockings. That will probably either be done at the dollar tree or Big Lots. Cuz that's how I roll. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Ooh, bad time to make bird jokes.

But anyway, the weekend had been fine, and we were waiting for Jaben to get back from camp (they were 2-1/2 hrs late getting back!!) so we could go get the tree. And it started raining. It hadn't let up by the time Jabe got back, but we went anyway. We ended up bringing a soaking wet tree into the house, and having it rain all over the blanket we put under it. It's a VERY good thing we did put the blanket under it. At the moment, the blanket is in the dryer and the tree is in the middle of the room (having dripped it's last drop), and we're just waiting on the blanket to put the tree back by the window. We'll decorate tomorrow when we're more certain to avoid electric shock.

That's it, in a nutshell. The bird and the fish have died, the tree is wet, Jaben's being a total pill (to put it mildly), the boys are fighting and I want to go to bed. I think I have a mild version of the stomach virus that's going around. Fun.

And um, yeah... this post sucked. Sorry.


palmtreefanatic said...

well super you got a tree! Yippe for that! and your shopping done? awesome for you! I am still not done and when theres so much to do in a day it is hard to focus on that!

Sorry to hear about your pets wow all in the same week, bummer!

Hope things get better!

Tracey said...

Oh yes. We had a wet tree, too. DRove home in a rainstorm, actually. We left it in the garage overnight and it was fine the next day. Of course, this information is of no use to you NOW...

At least it's done, right?

Rebecca said...

LOL... yep, it's done! Look up... I love this tree and I've forgiven it for dripping on my floor!

Well, mostly. ;-)