Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally some good news!

Our house has basically sold!!!!!!!!

One week on the market - can you believe it??

The offer came to us yesterday and it was a liiiittle low. We couldn't accept it because we would've lost too much on the deal, so we countered at just a tiny bit higher. We heard from the realtor this morning that he ACCEPTED THE COUNTER!!!

Now, we still have to go thru the inspection and all that, but I'm sure it's structurally sound, and the buyer knows it's a big time fixer-upper - but he's buying it specifically to fix up. SO... as long as we do okay on the inspection, our house is SOLD!!

We're not making jack on the deal, but we figured out that carrying costs are $740/mo, so we kind of are making a bit, if you think about it that way. Breaking even on the sale is absolutely fine with me. With the market being what it is, can't ask for more than that. OMG - one week on the market!!!! And actually, this was the second offer, but the first was so low as to be laughable and the realtor turned it down without even checking. It was pathetic.

But WHO CARES because our house is (all but) sold!!!!!!


ETA: I got a call from the place that is fixing my car yesterday. My poor, beat up Jeep will not be ready until next Thursday. They were going to try to have it back to me yesterday but when they got into the steering column to do the repairs, they found there was significantly more damage than first thought. So they have to replace the entire steering column. That means ordering and waitng for more parts (at Christmas, no less!), and waiting for it to be fixed. They're closed Monday and Tuesday, of course, so Thursday it is. We hope.

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palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Great news on the house Becky, FABULOUS!!!!

Sorry to hear about the car...sad!