Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is over!

Yay, Christmas is over for another year!

Yes, I am glad about that. No, I don't have pictures or gift lists to share. Sorry, I suck at all of that. Suffice to say, the kids got spoiled and are very happy with their Christmas loot. The house is a disorganized, filthy mess because I've worked the last 2 days and just haven't had time. I am, however, on day 1 of another 5 day vacation and things should be looking up by then.

Tomorrow we are going over to the old house to get out the rest of the junk we've got there. If we needed it, we'd have gotten it already - so should we go straight to the dump? Probably. Will we? Probably not. But hopefully it'll be done and we'll be all set when the sale (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) goes final.

My car still isn't done yet. They're waiting on the new steering column, then it'll have to be put in. No idea when that will happen. I'm starting to miss my poor car. It's been 2 weeks now since it was stolen and I'm ready to put it all behind me. I don't think my insurance company will replace my mp3 player and that sucks big time because I really miss having it. The radio isn't so great when it's your only option. Maybe I'll get lucky, but without serial number and reciept (it was a gift!!), the chances of a replacement are slim to none.

Just waiting on New Years now. I fully expect 2008 to be better than 2007. This year wasn't the best. In fact, it was pretty rotten towards the end there. I'm just ready now for it to be over. Year in Review post to follow soon, but until then, enjoy the final days of 2007!


palmtreefanatic said...

I am personally looking foreward to income tax refund! I hate the "poor" feeling, and well christmas has made me feel a bit that way and lately I feel my car is nickel and diming me to death! What to do! I know at least I have one, however it is really giving me a hard time starting up! what this means I am not sure, I just spent a bunch of money already on it and it did not help the problem I feel it may be the beginning of the end!
Such as life! 2008 Must be better;)
Did you take the tree down already?
I think I am going to do this new yrs eve! and shop new yrs day for extreme bargains!

Laura said...

My car died (fuel pump) on the Friday before Christmas. It really sucks when you don't have your car. And then most rental agencies are booked and who wants to pay for a car when they have a perfectly good one? Sigh... I am glad you had a nice Christmas and hope the year ahead brings you everything you wish for.