Tuesday, May 16, 2006

*whew* Now that I can catch my breath...

I must, must blog! I'm awful about doing it on the weekends, but can ya blame me for wanting to be with the poultry twins (turkey face and chicken butt) rather than online?

But oh this weekend was crazy!! Just cra-zee!! As I mentioned in my quick-like "I'm still alive" post yesterday, the weekend was spent making pieces-parts of costumes for the big kid's play. I didn't mind doing it, actually (bearing in mind that my wonderful mother sews and I don't), but the time frame was insane.

His teacher came to me on Thursday night and asked if I could make 2 neckpieces for the king and queen, a belt for each, and wrist bands for each - as well as assemble 12 plastic Gladiator helmets. Sure, no problem, when do you need them by?

Sunday? *Gulp* Um.... okay.

But, we did it. Saturday was hell at my house, "Jaben pleeease keep the baby out of here! He's walking all over the neckpieces I just glued!! The more you keep him busy, the sooner I'll be done, I promise!!" And poor Grandma spent her Saturday sewing. Did I mention that's what she does all week at work?

Yeah, she rocks.

But I talked to the teacher yesterday and the first dress rehearsal went so well they all got chills. And the costumes look great. The first performance is tonight (Jaben's class doesn't have their show until 6/3) and I hope everything goes great! I think we're going to attend a performance Jaben isn't in, just to see. Y'know?

And while I'm here... can somebody please do something about all this rain?? I know it's only a 30% chance tomorrow, and the weekend is supposed to be nice, but I'd like for it to be gone sooner than later. I'm just sooo sick of the gloom!! And Kyan really needs some ow-tide time!


I need to update my blogroll because there are just so many great bloggers out there who I love reading - so IF I ever get updated and you get blogrolled and would rather not, please let me know. And please, feel free to blogroll me too!


Ray said...

good luck to Jaben!

I'm not sure how I first found your blog, but I enjoy reading it! It's fun. Thanks!

Jen said...

I sure hope you videotaped the play! I'd love to see it....

Rebecca said...

Jaben's class doesn't perform until June 3 and we do plan to videotape it, so you'll definitely get to see it! He' s SO good you won't believe it!!