Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bah-da-bah! And other ramblings

My baby talks.

No, really. Not so much actual words, but more baby babble. His actual words are more limited to mommy (love that one!), ow-tide, bye-bye, Ky, Zhe-en (for Jaben, say it out loud, you'll see), Keli (but only when he wants something from her!), and probably others he's said once and never again either out of stubbornness or because he's forgotten them.

But anyway, I was talking about his baby babble. This kid talks constantly. I mean constantly! And it's not that quiet, to-himself babbling most babies do. Oh no! He talks with his hands, sometimes his entire arm, if he's making a point. He puts emphasis on certain words so you know it's an important part of whatever story he's telling you. And I just know he's telling me things that are so very important and meaningful and I'd love to know what wisdom he is trying to impart... if only I could understand him! Last night, as we were lying in our co-sleeping cuddle, he began to share his vast wisdom...

"Bah-da-bah... pah - pah -- bah BAH NA DAH! (imagine little arms gesturing meaningfully) bah da-da-da PAH... mananana, pah da da BAH!" and so on.

And he was so serious. It was very important, what he was telling me. And I was listening, raptly, trying to discipher the nuances behind his words, the meaning of his hand and arm gestures. He chattered and talked for several minutes, and then rolled over and peacefully fell asleep.

I tried to sleep too, but couldn't help wondering - did he just share with me the secrets of the universe? The meaning of life? What the face of God looks like? I think babies might have this knowledge and not the means to share with us, and by the time they do, they've forgotten. Maybe he was trying to tell me so I would know and remind him later. Maybe he was just telling me a bedtime story.

Or... maybe he was just babbling.

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