Sunday, May 21, 2006

Teen crushes n stuff

First off, my mouth hurts much less today than it did yesterday, and tons less than the day before. It still sux, but I'm beginning to think I'll live.

I just watched Child Stars Confidential on E! and Wil Wheaton was on it. See right to read his blog. I had SUCH the crush on him when I was a teenager. God. He's married now and very much in love with his wife (who he writes about so sweetly in his blog) with 2 stepsons. Sounds like a great guy. Seriously... always go for the geek.

Jaben's got some friends in the neighborhood now! I know, not a huge announcement, but if you knew the kids in our neighborhood (notably the kid next door - rotten little bugger) you'd know what a good thing that is. This boy he's become friends with seems really nice. I hope so - it's so great for him to have someone he can hang out with, who's house he can go to, and a reason to actually have to have a curfew on a school night. Might have happened sooner if he'd always gone to school in this neighborhood, but that doesn't matter at this point. Right now, I'm just glad he has a little buddy to hang out with. And, um... that the one he's closest with is NOT my ex-boyfriend's son - which is what I was afraid of! Eek!

And tomorrow, Kyan sees the pediatric orthopedist. Hopefully it'll be easy and no big deal, but also hopefully, they will give us something to make it better. It's getting worse instead of better, so he does need something. Even just exercises each evening would make me happy. Anything, to make it easier for him to walk, and certainly look less awkward. Will update when I know more. Just think good thoughts for tomorrow.

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