Friday, May 19, 2006

If it's not one thing, it's another...

I had a tooth pulled today. It hurts. My face is swollen. I am on painkillers. This will be short.

It is just bad timing because my mind is somewhat preoccupied with Kyan's visit to the pediatric orthopedist specialist on Monday. So aside from not having dental insurance, having to make 10 phone calls to find a dentist who was even in, and coming up with the money to pay for it on such short notice, I'm stressed about what's going to go down on Monday.

So in the interest of honesty (a thought brought on by one of the blogs I read), today was a really bad fucking day. Hopefully tomorrow my mouth will feel better, the swelling will be down, and I will feel better about what's coming. For now, I'm just gonna keep taking those painkillers and try not to let the baby bump me in the face too much. He means well, he really does -- but omg it hurts!!

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