Thursday, May 04, 2006


Guess where Kyan's favorite place to be is? Ow-tide!! Say that out loud... it's really cute. Actually I was wondering if there's a "Swing-a-holics Anonymous" out there somewhere? All that child wants to do is be pushed on his baby swing in the backyard. Seriously. He'll just sit there while you push. And push. And push. He kind of nods and zones out and swings back and forth, back and forth... But heaven forbid you try to take him out! LOL... oh no that's not happening!!! He'll scream, go red in the face, try to force a few tears, and turn around hugging the swing until you put him back in. I think I pushed that baby swing for a good 40 minutes yesterday afternoon.

And really, I'm so glad he enjoys being ow-tide, I'm glad he's got this thing he loves so much (I was a swing-kid too) but it's so boring just standing there, pushing a swing for fourty minutes while he nods and zones and swings back and forth, back and forth... So how do you make pushing a swing for that long fun? I have no idea. I'm working on it tho... aside from the obvious - acting like he's kicking me, making faces, sticking my tongue out at him (which you can only do for so long) I'm just going to have to come up with some way to make ow-tide on the swing as much fun for me as it is for him.

Later on last night, after ow-tide and homework and stuff, I told Jaben he needed to practice his songs for the play. So he set himself up on the couch with the small cd player, headphones and script and began "singing." I say "singing" because nobody - I mean nobody sings well with headphones on. So... I made him take them off. Then, and only then, did that boy SING! Oh yeah!! There's one song, which I can't remember the name of, but in which he has a 3-4 line solo, where that boy just belts it out!!! Not just his solo part - the whole song. It happens to be in his key, so it's easy for him to hit the right notes and oh is he so cute singing it! He tilts his head back, closes his eyes and that boy sends it right out there! It. Was. Amazing.

I never thought that kid could sing, and even tho his untrained little pre-puberty voice is rough and in need of some work, he can sing when he wants to! I have no clue where the kid gets it, but somewhere, somehow, he got it. And it's awesome!

When he was finished and getting things wound up and put away, he said, "You know Mommy, I think acting and singing is my favorite hobby. Those two things, acting and singing... I just looooove singing!" And he glowed. He just glowed. I always loved acting, never had a lot of opportunities to do it (none, beyond high school) and it just makes me flat out happy that he's got some of my artistic tendancies. It's giving him much-needed confidence and self esteem, and he actually enjoys it... which is really the most important thing anyway.

Now if I could just get over that stage-mommy thing.....


One small thing... Kyan goes to Akron Children's Hospital on May 22 to see the Pediatric Orthopedist about his little legs. Hopefully they'll echo our doctor who, until recently, said he'd outgrow it. But instead of getting better, it's been getting worse. I know that at the very worst, he'll have to have a brace fitted to that leg until it straightens out, but it still worries me. It's going to end up being an all day thing, especially since I don't know where Akron Children's Hospital is. Anyway, if you could just send some good thoughts out to my little turkey face on Monday, May 22 it would be much appreciated. Thanx!


Michele said...

I love "ow-tide" - love it. I wish my boys would start saying words that actually sound like something.
I think you are a very good mom for hanging in there for forty minutes. I have mom ADHD. I will do anything for my kids but preferable in 15 minute chunks.

ninepounddictator said...

I will send out good thoughts for sure.

I will also tell you that there is no way out of pushing your child forever and ever and not being bored (maybe wear an Ipod?) But they do grow up of it. They do!

Also, don't you think it's exciting that your child is so into performing. I just think of all those celebrity interviews, when the mother is interviewed and they say, "Oh she/he was dancing and performing ever since they could walk/talk."

I mean, really, you might have your retirment fund living with you right now! You must keep all videos!