Saturday, January 10, 2009

While watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

I own that movie and I haven't watched it, but I do every time it's on tv. Wonder why that is?

Thanks for the comments on the NY post. Especially to those who said I was strong. That was cool, because I don't feel strong. I'm pretty sure most people don't. But it's nice to have other people think I am. I appreciate that very much.

So things are moving along. I got a great compliment via email from one of our reps at work. She sent it to my boss who (horrors!!) sent it out to my entire team. When I realized that was what he'd done I wanted to crawl under my desk. Seriously. I mean, it's nice (hell, it ROCKS) to get a compliment like that, to have people not only think you rock but let your boss know they think you rock. But I could've done without the entire team being brought in on it. Un-com-fortable!! Nice, but ugh. KWIM?

We've had a million feet of snow this week. I am sooo sick of the snow. I know, I live in OH and it's only January. I can't get sick of the snow yet, but I AM. I. So. AM.

I've been sitting here for a while trying to upload photos, but blogger just cut me off. So I'm going to post some here, and the next post will have more. I have TONS I haven't posted. I realize that post will be the top post, but oh well. At least the pics will be on here.

First off, Jaben's play, A Christmas Carol.

There are also curtain call pics, but I'll try to get them in the next post. Or not. Really, the shots of him as Bob Marley (above, with Jacob Marley) and the 2 above as a ghost (furthest to the right, with the sleeves cuz he had a quick-change) are the coolest pics, so that may be it.

Photos to be continued...

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