Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It snowed a little...

Or a lot. I actually took a snow day today, which I never do. It's interesting and would be nice and relaxing if my boys could get along. But they can't. *sigh*

Anyway, snow pics.

Point out the porch....

No? Yeah, it's under there somewhere. Hang on and you'll see in a pic further down.

Back driveway. And yes, in some places the snow is halfway up the fence.

This truck got stuck driving down our street. And I'm SO nice, I had to take a photo. But I feel for the guy. Really. I do.

Shot of our street from another direction. It actually doesn't look too bad from this angle.

Front steps again. This time you can actually see the porch and get an idea of just HOW MUCH darn snow we have!

I know a lot of people got a lot of snow, so I'm sure this doesn't look like much to some, but it really is a lot of snow and I'm soooooo ready for spring!! Bring on my WARM weather!

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